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Looking to get involved right away? Print up Opt Out forms and distibute them throughout your community. Then, take your personal Leave My Child Alone campaign to the next level by potentially organizing a simple outing to a School Board meeting. This will allow other folks interested in Leave My Child Alone to connect and mobilize for future action to get your school district to adopt best practices and policies.

And don't forget perhaps the most important step of all, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Most people have never even heard of the military recruiting loophole in the No Child Left Behind Act. You could make a crucial difference in your community -- for kids and their families -- by raising the awareness of your friends, family and neighbors.


Leave My Child Alone is a coalition effort, and it's growing every day. Please add to this momentum by becoming a campaign partner and helping to spread the word.

There are many ways to contribute: Helping your membership opt out their own children by pointing them to our Opt Out letters, encouraging them to participate in Opt Out events, and inviting them to attend or organize an outing to a School Board meeting are all valuable contributions.

To discuss being an official co-sponsor, contact us. It's an exciting project and the involvement of your membership could make a big difference in communities across the country.

To make these tasks easier for you, we've provided some tools below including graphics for web-linking, and sample newsletter text that you can copy and paste.

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Parents to Pentagon: Do Not Call My Kids Parents to Pentagon: Do Not Call My Kids

Leave My Child Alone

Leave My Child Alone Leave My Child Alone Leave My Child Alone

Parents to Pentagon: Leave My Child Alone! Click here to learn more. Parents to Pentagon: Leave My Child Alone! Click here to learn more.

Does the Pentagon have your child's number? Click here to learn more.

Does the Pentagon have your child's number? Click here to learn more.

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Did you know that President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act mandates that public high schools must turn over private student contact information to local military recruiters or risk losing federal education funding? And not only that but the Pentagon has compiled a database of over 30 million young people, including 16 and 17 year olds, for the purpose of military recruitment?

The Leave My Child Alone coalition makes it easy to protect children from unwanted military recruiting by getting their names off both these lists. To opt your child out, go to:

You can also join up with other concerned parents, teachers, grandparents, veterans and members of your local community by attending or organizing school board meeting outings to advocate for opt out policies and pass model school board resolutions. To find out about events near you or to find out how you can organize an event yourself, go to:

The Leave My Child Alone coalition was created by Working Assets, Mainstreet Moms and ACORN to protect high school students from unwanted military recruiting. Since the coalition's launch on Mother's Day 2005, concerned parents nationwide have held over 450 "opt out" events, and thousands of kids have been opted out of lists that public high schools turn over to military recruiters.

Opt Out!

Opt out of the Pentagon's database and your school's military recruitment list.

Get Extra Opt Out Forms and Flyers

Download Pentagon and High School Opt Out forms, flyers, factsheets, kits and other materials.

Send a Letter

Write letters to officials who can help protect kids' privacy from Pentagon recruiters.

Adopt a School Board

Learn everything you need to know to help your local schools do it right!