Resources for Letter-Writers

If you can write just three letters, these are the ones that could make a difference:

1. Write to the Pentagon

Write to the Pentagon urging them (be reasonable and persuasive, so they'll read it) to protect family privacy by taking the following actions:

  • Establish an informational 800# with Opt Out instructions

  • Post prominent Opt Out instructions on the Dept. of Defense web site

  • Take minors off of the database entirely

  • Implement a national "Do Not Call List" for military recruitment

Joint Advertising and Marketing Research & Studies Office (JAMRS)
Attention: Opt Out
4040 North Fairfax Drive, Ste. 200
Arlington, VA 22203

2. Write to your state School Board Association

Write to your state School Board Association encouraging them to do two things to protect family privacy. Their policy often impacts districts throughout the state:

  • Adopt an Optimum Opt Out Resolution supporting best practices in family notification and Opt Out procedures, enclosing this sample Resolution.

Click here to find your state School Board Association address and contact.

3. Write to your state Parent Teacher Association

Write to your state Parent Teacher Association (PTA, PTSA, PTO, etc.) encouraging them to take exactly the same actions you urged above in #2. Points to emphasize would be building parent awareness, protecting student privacy. Points not to emphasize would be big ol' cranky rants about it all.

Go to Google and type in '[your state] state PTA' to access address information.

4. Write a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor are an invaluable way to shoehorn our way into the media wars. For tips and contacts, go to Mainstreet Moms' Letters to the Editor resource.

Our best tip? Meet a friend for tea and letter-writing or beer and letter-writing. Anything to rope in some good company for a good cause!

Opt Out!

Opt out of the Pentagon's database and your school's military recruitment list.

Get Extra Opt Out Forms and Flyers

Download Pentagon and High School Opt Out forms, flyers, factsheets, kits and other materials.

Send a Letter

Write letters to officials who can help protect kids' privacy from Pentagon recruiters.

Adopt a School Board

Learn everything you need to know to help your local schools do it right!