Share Your Experience

Has your family had an experience with military recruiters that you would like to share with the Leave My Child Alone! campaign? Are you working with your school board, district in the classroom to protect minors from aggressive military recruiting tactics? If you have a story to tell or creative strategies to inform and inspire others please let us know.

Just send us a quick note. Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number so we can follow up in the future. And please indicate whether you would be willing to share your story with the press should the opportunity arise.

Opt Out!

Opt out of the Pentagon's database and your school's military recruitment list.

Get Extra Opt Out Forms and Flyers

Download Pentagon and High School Opt Out forms, flyers, factsheets, kits and other materials.

Send a Letter

Write letters to officials who can help protect kids' privacy from Pentagon recruiters.

Adopt a School Board

Learn everything you need to know to help your local schools do it right!