September 2019


Tactics of Using Videos to Produce Brand Fanatics

Marketing has been a buzzword for business for as long as history stretches. The elements of marketing that guarantee returns nonetheless change to suit different business environments. Thanks to the digital age, visual marketing is currently the trending one. There are countless

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Chinese Symbols and Charms That Bring Good Luck

Who doesn’t want to be lucky? But more than any other cultures in the world, Chinese traditions put special emphasis on using lucky charms and symbols to weaken the shar (bad) chi and strengthen the good chi in homes, offices, and business

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naughty Pug eating shoe on tiled floor

What are the Obedience Training Levels for Dogs?

Every dog owner wants a pet he/she can connect with and one that listens to commands and acts appropriately. There are several dog owners who will respond perfectly to commands indoors but are easily distracted outdoors and will not listen to commands.

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