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5 Super Cozy Couch Designs That Will Make You Want to Stay in All Day

Shopping for the right couch is easier said than done. There are plenty of factors to consider, aside from the size of your room: couch size, color, style, fabric, materials, and the price point. On top of that, it should match and blend seamlessly with your current interior theme.

With all the options out there, finding the right one becomes quite a task. To make your shopping much easier for you, we’ve lined up the most comfortable living room furniture for your home.

The Sectional Couch

A sectional couch is perfect for homes with huge spaces. But today, there are small apartment styles that fit narrow and slim spaces. The good thing about a sectional couch is it allows you to arrange it in different ways, which makes sprucing up your space much easier. A sectional can be styled in many ways and can be arranged in a way that works for your space.

For larger rooms, a sectional is the perfect living room furniture to fill the space, lending a softer, cozier feel to an expansive space. While the seating design is more casual than formal, you can pick a material that suits a more formal theme like leather or velvet.

A Pit Sofa

A cross between a couch and a full-size bed, a pit sofa offers more lounging space than the regular daybed. These couches come in sections, too, which lets you move the pieces around to create a different look for your room.

While pit sofas are generally on the large side, you can have them made to measure at a furniture store that offers customization services. This means you can even pick the type and color of fabric to be used.

These couches are really comfortable, no matter the size, and are great for the living room, the family room, or the den.

Chesterfield Couch

The ever-appealing design of the chesterfield couch is quite hard to beat. Aside from being a staple in many living rooms — big or small — it’s boxy structured shape can be considered a compact version of a pit couch. It’s also fairly easy to spruce up: just a pair of lumbar pillows is enough to make it look warm and inviting. You can up the ante with a throw blanket, and you’ve got the perfect comfortable couch to fill your living room, your den, or your home study.

The more traditional ones are typically made with leather covers, but the newer models now come in fabric covers, like velvet and linen. Some even come in reversible covers, which is a great help when you feel like switching up the look of your room from time to time. Its structured look works well with modern, traditional, as well as cozy industrial interior themes.


The Sleeper Couch

Couch by day; bed by night. A sleeper couch works great for small apartments and studios. It offers plenty of seating room and can serve as a more comfortable extra bed for when you have guests staying the night.

Most of these couches can sleep two people side by side, while the larger ones can stretch up to a queen size. Even if you don’t have a guest room in your home or you live in a studio with a bed just for you, having a sleeper couch that your guest can use.

A properly designed sleeper sofa, when in couch form, shouldn’t show any trace of the hidden bed feature: no protruding sides, exposed wheels, or support stands. It has a discreet design. On top of that, it’s built with mechanisms that make it easy to convert the couch into a bed and vice versa.

Before investing in a sleeper couch, make sure to measure its size when spread out in bed form. This way you can see how much space it’s going to take up and you have that amount of space to use the bed feature whenever you need it.

Modern Cabriole

When the classic cabriole was given a make-over, it became a popular choice of sofa for modern-classic styling. It brings a classic touch to the space but with a modern twist: the traditional wooden trims are replaced with a steel frame that runs a solitary line from side to side. The steel frame gives it a modern edgy look. The sides of the modern cabriole are higher and the seats are deeper. They make the perfect lounge sofas for smaller, slimmer rooms.

If you’re looking for a couch to add character to your living room, the modern cabriole is what you need. It works well for classic, modern, industrial, and minimalist spaces. It’s also the perfect couch design for quirky and eccentric living room designs.

We hope this list helps you find ideas for your new favorite couch and help you get started with your living room decorating soon. If you prefer to have a made-to-measure couch, here’s a quick couch anatomy 101, to better understand the parts and what goes inside each of these comfy, cushiony living room furniture.

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