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Are All Dog Breeds Trainable?

Dogs are more than just simple domestic pets. They can be your best friend and loyal companion. They can be trained to do tricks, too. There are dog training schools in Loxahatchee, where you can bring your canine friend for various kinds of training.

If only dogs can speak. They can only bark and growl, but they do have emotions just like us humans. They feel sad when we leave them behind for work. You can just imagine how happy they are to see you again after being out of the house for the whole day. Your pet-rearing experience will be more worthwhile if they are well-trained to do simple tricks and tasks.

Can all kinds of dogs be trained?

Let us put it this way. When we were babies, we were potty-trained, so we will eventually veer away from wearing expensive diapers. We also made the transition from milk bottles to drinking in a sippy cup, and eventually in a glass. As we grow older, we learn to tie our shoes, read and write, dance, and many more.

The same applies to animals, including dogs. No matter the breed, they can be trained to do various tricks. Then again, the tricks may depend on the dog breed. The major key in teaching dogs tricks is through positive reinforcement.

It won’t help if you keep on believing typical dog stereotypes. For example, pit bulls are said to be too aggressive and are not ideal pets at home. Basset hounds are also perceived as lazy and slow dog breeds. These are not true, more so you won’t believe these hearsays if you own one of these commonly-judged dog breeds.

What you should teach your dog

It doesn’t matter what type of dog breed you have. While there are indeed some dog breeds that can be trained easier, it doesn’t mean the other breeds are not trainable anymore. As mentioned, the important aspect of training is positive reinforcement.

Rewarding your pet for being a “good dog” increases the chance that the dog will repeat the good behavior and follow your instructions more. Dogs can be taught any or all of the following. It is better to hire a professional dog trainer to train your pet or do the training yourself.

Obedience training

It includes the familiar “sit,” “rollover,” or “play dead.” Before the dog is able to follow these instructions, the trainer should work on the dog’s behavioral issues.

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Behavioral training

This training is important so that the dog will exhibit good behavior towards people and other kinds of animals as well. This includes training the dog to get rid of excessive barking, chewing on furniture and other things, or even potty training.

Agility training

This one is more applicable for dogs that compete in sports, including obstacle courses and racing. By this time, the dog must have already undergone behavioral and obedience training. This type of training focuses more on physical and voice gestures than touch and reward systems.

These are only some of the things you need to know about dog training. While there are certain dog breeds that are easy to train and are more apt for dog sports, all dogs, regardless of breed, can be trained. At the end of the day, being a “dog lover” is not all about choosing a specific breed. It’s all about loving dogs in general, regardless of breed.

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