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Creating Your Music Room at Home: Design Ideas to Make It Fun

For many people, music is a fundamental aspect of their routines. But music provides more than just entertainment. Did you know that it also offers amazing health benefits? It can reduce stress, stimulate memories, elevate mood, relieve symptoms of depression, and contribute to heart health.

If you’re a music lover or a musician, creating a music room at your home can be an exciting project to take on. You can design it with the genres or themes you prefer. Nonetheless, having a music room can give you a private space to enjoy the music you love listening to or playing. Looking to create your music sanctuary at home? Check out our design tips to help you out.

1. Display vinyl and CDs

If you’re like most music lovers who have an audio collection, why not put them on display? This could make the room more personal and unique. You can have custom-built bookcases, CD racks, or vinyl shelves for organized storage for your collection. If you have rare or signed vinyl records, you can have them framed and hang them on the wall to give them a more special place. If you are planning to frame the disc itself, place it on a spot that won’t get hit by direct sunlight so it won’t get warped. Or, you can consider framing the album art instead.

2. Add memorabilia or merchandise

Another creative way to decorate your music room is to display all the authentic signed memorabilia you have and the ones you’ll have in the future. It doesn’t matter if you bought them from an online store or directly got them at a gig or concert. It can be an artist’s photo, T-shirt, novelty figures, glasses, or tea towels.

Create a designated space for them on the wall or a shelf. Not only do these items can give your room a rare look, but also a museum-like feeling. After all, signed merchandise or memorabilia is a great celebration of music.

3. Build guitar wall mounts

Among the most popular design ideas for music rooms is a guitar wall mount. This is ideal if you’re a guitar fanatic or an actual guitarist yourself. Hanging at least one or two guitars on the room’s wall can make it feel more like a home for music. Aside from being visually appealing, this is also a smart way to keep your guitars from being knocked over. If you have no guitar yet, you can check out local music shops and get yourself some affordable ones for display. This could even help you to quickly learn a new instrument.

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4. Have a chalkboard wall

Putting up a chalkboard on the wall can make your music room more interactive and fun. While most artists create their masterpieces on paper, why not use a chalkboard wall instead? Scribble that tune or lyrics using chalk for a change. Aside from that, the board can act as a wall decor where you can write quotes from your favorite artists or sketch some instruments. This allows you to put your signature into the room. Use the chalkboard wall in any way you want.

5. Create your jamming nook

Another unique addition to your music room is a jamming nook, where you can enjoy playing some music. Most people would create a single instrument nook, which is a little dull. If you want something more fun and collaborative, why not create a space to hold your regular sessions with your mates?

The only problem is, you’ll need a bigger space for a jamming nook. You need space for larger equipment such as percussion kits or amplifiers. If a jamming nook sounds interesting to you, be sure to design good acoustics. You can get the best sound effects by having relevant ceiling designs and using absorbent materials.

6. Have a gallery wall

When nothing seems to work, or you need a safe decor option, a classic gallery wall is ideal. You can put up photos of yourself while playing instruments, favorite bands or artists, music sheets, or rare music graphics. Creating a gallery wall is quite easy as you can make it as personal as you want. There are no strict rules in it. It can also make your music room more inspiring and show off your musical preferences and tastes.

Having a music room can help you engage more easily with your career or hobby. You can have a private space to create your own music, regardless if you’re a professional music artist or not. At the same time, you also get to have a space disconnected from the outside world wherein you can peacefully listen to your favorite tunes.

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