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How to Creatively Set up Your Workspace at Home

It’s crucial to establish areas of work and play or relaxation, setting boundaries in your home to maintain your discipline and efficiency. The way to achieve this is to set up a work desk in any space available. With a creative and resourceful mind, you’re more likely to accomplish this.

Setting up an Office in Your Bedroom

It can be distracting to some people if they’re working next to their bed or on it. It should be okay to have a desk near your bed, but it’s not advisable to work on it. Studies say that working on your bed reduces both your work and sleep quality. No matter how used you are to this, it’s still diminishing your productivity in the long run.

So in setting up your home office in your bedroom, divide it into two zones so that you can still separate work and sleep, focus and relaxation, in one space. If your bedroom is big enough, you can put up a curtain or install a divider to create a genuine sense of workspace.

If you have a tight space in your bedroom, you can invest in a flexible or foldable desk. This way, you can set it up just whenever you need it and collapse when you don’t. It’s also a good space saver. Be sure to place your desk looking away from your bed.

Get yourself a proper work-from-home desk chair that’s comfortable enough to sit in, but not too comfortable that can encourage your sleepiness. Purchase one that’s the right height for you and the desk itself. It’s better if you can get one that’s adjustable. Adjust it in a way that your feet touch the ground and in a way that it doesn’t put pressure under your upper legs.

Turning Your Closet into an Office

You can also turn your closet into a permanent workstation. It’s your choice whether to transfer every piece of clothing to a cabinet, or you can just let some remain just to open up some space for a work desk and a drawer. If you often have video calls or conferences, be sure to face your webcam away from the things in your closet, especially if you have private things in there and if you haven’t organized it in a while.

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Working Outdoors

The house can be too cluttered and too tight for you to focus on your work. Working outside can give you more space, natural light, and fresh air. You can set up a little living area if you have the chance, making a multipurpose, homey, and comfortable outside living room. Get a new sofa and a coffee table or another dining set.

Experts say that working outdoors improves your mood, energy levels, and memory. It can also reduce stress levels, let you relax your eyes and your brain, and keep you healthy.

Of course, you’re allowed to ask for help from a professional, like an interior designer. They know everything about how you can manage setting up your home office in whichever space you choose for it. An interior designer will help you decide which furniture is right for you and your taste, considering your need for focus and motivation.

Whichever part you decide you want your desk or office to be set up in your home, there is still a lot you need to consider.

Finding the Right Space

Whether you have a wide or tight space for your workstation, you want to choose the right area where you can be least distracted. You don’t want to place your workspace in the living room if that’s where most people are. Converting other rooms in your house can be your only option, whether it’s in your closet or even the garage. Compromising to other spaces and making most of the storage areas can make a huge difference.

Managing Your Cables

For most people, working in a cluttered and messy area slows down their productivity. You can always tuck your cables and wires out of sight or at least fix them up in a way that’s not too complicated and stressful to even look at. You can use zip ties and bread clips or cable organizers to help manage them and keep them from tangling with one another.

Getting Proper Lighting

Wherever you are in your house, working under proper lighting can definitely maintain your focus and productivity and reduce distractions. Avoid overhead spotlights because they cast unwanted shadows on your desk. Instead, get general lighting and a desk light so that it’s focused on your work.

The number of people working from home has been increasing since the pandemic. Staying focused and motivated is one of the significant challenges. Considering that many distractions can hinder your progress, the environment has to be conducive to working productively.

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