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Five Dos and Don’ts When Boosting Your Memory

Aging is inevitable. You may not like the idea of getting white hair and wrinkly skin. But nothing you can do to stop the signs of aging from appearing. One of the things that come with growing old is its direct impact on our cognition. As we grow older, our cognitive function starts to decline. The good news is that there are ways you can do to help improve, if not delay, cognitive aging. The following are five dos and don’ts that can help you improve our brain’s cognitive function:

Play puzzles

Puzzles are not just for entertainment purposes. They offer tons of benefits. Not only can a good puzzle help boost your memory, but it can also improve your mood and lower stress levels. You can choose to head over to your local bookstore or order one online. They must have cool puzzles such as PennyDell Puzzles that are an all-time favorite. Whether you’re looking to solve logic problems, word search, or even Sudoku, you’re sure to find a puzzle that will pique your interest and also help improve your cognition.

Don’t isolate yourself

Some of us can’t live without the company, while others prefer doing things on their own. But maintaining a healthy relationship with others helps stop cognitive decline. As social creatures, we often crave to be in the company of our loved ones. Isolating yourself often leads to loneliness, increasing depression, and reducing cognitive function. Make sure to take the time to socialize, go out with your loved ones, and enjoy their company.

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Get enough sleep

You may know a smart and successful individual who’s so busy that they fail to get enough sleep at night. Not only is this an unhealthy habit, but it can also affect your cognitive performance. Resting your body and getting enough sleep at night enables you to improve your learning abilities and remember things more easily the next day. When you sleep, you get to focus more and retain information more easily.

Don’t think that multitasking is good

We often hear job applicants that they are excellent multitaskers. But you’d want to focus on those tasks to reduce the likelihood of making mistakes. According to Time, multitasking is bad. You need to start focusing on a single task at a time is because multitasking does no good for your cognitive function. It takes focus and attention to engage in deep learning.

Stay active

Do you think that regular exercise is just for the body? Engaging in regular physical activity helps improve your memory. According to a study, exercise helps make you smarter. When we exercise, a hormone called irisin is produced. This, in turn, helps activate genes involved in learning retaining memory. This gives you more reason to keep moving and stay fit.

Playing puzzles, staying active, and maintaining a healthy social life are some best ways to boost your cognition. Don’t forget that getting enough sleep is also a must-do. You may find that multitasking allows you to accomplish things faster, but doing so can hurt your cognition and even raise your stress levels. Keep these five dos and don’ts in mind, and you’ll soon find it easier to acquire and retain knowledge even as you age.

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