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How to Deconstruct Your Company Video for Effective and Creative Distribution

If you’ve been running a business for some time, you’ve probably had to use video content many times in various promotional efforts. You know how important it is to commit resources – from the hours spent in planning sessions, the cost of hiring professional production company services, bringing key resource speakers onboard, and organizing the actual shoot. And you’ve got some great videos to show for it.

After distributing files to your sales and marketing teams, uploading them to your website’s landing page, and playing the whole thing several times at your events, you’d think that’s a wrap – the video has done its job, and you’ve gotten an effective return on your investment. This is a misstep – you’re probably leaving a lot of potential untapped.

Here are some ways to effectively distribute your video that you might not have considered yet.

Break into segments

Whether it’s your team or a professional editor that did most of the storyboarding work, one thing that good video materials have in common is excellent storytelling. And that involves weaving together different segments of video to take the viewer on a journey and create a memorable experience.

One thing you can do after the full-length video has served its purpose is to break it down into those component segments. But why deconstruct, when you’ve paid for a cohesive video?

First, offering your video in small portions can be a great way to deliver the same message with slight variations in content, emphasis, and tone. It lets you deploy the same video in a fresh manner across different product pages, social media channels, and at various events. People who haven’t seen the full-length video won’t know that you invested only in a single production; it amplifies your effort to deliver customized and engaging content.

Second, even though video content engages the audience, length videos tend to be less effective than short ones, your team put a lot into that video, and you’d like people to digest everything, but offering your content in alternative, bite-sized chunks is a win-win. It gives the audience the power to choose how they watch your video, and it allows you to capture the attention of more viewers.

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A promotional video often includes sections explaining your business and the industry in general. Lifted out of context, these segments can be an excellent way of expanding your consumer base by providing information about what you do in a short, accessible post.

Use this content to your advantage by posting it to your blog or as a guest on other industry-related blogs. It drives traffic to your website and increases your search engine results page rank, making you more visible to potential customers as they research services in your niche.

Make a transcript of your video, too. This expands your content reach by opening up accessibility through closed captioning and language translation. Simply posting the transcript can also increase the number of time viewers engage with your website.


Professionals shoot videos in such high definition that still images from the video can be repurposed in various ways. Capturing the shot you want can be as simple as running full-screen playback on a high-resolution monitor and pressing print screen.

Why pay for stock images when you can grab a variety of high-quality images from a video that was custom-made for your company? You’ll have your own unique set of images to draw the audience’s attention on everything from banner ads to presentation slides and print collaterals.

So before leaving your video in archival, consider these alternative approaches to make use of its content, and you could quickly get higher returns on your investment.

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