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How to Maintain Your Front Yard in Fall

Fall is the perfect time to get some much-needed gardening done. It is nice and cool, which makes it possible to work outdoors without getting tired and sunburned. In Utah County, fall weather is mild, which means that there isn’t too much rain or it isn’t too dry to get yearly maintenance work done. It is the ideal time to plant. The soil retains warmth, and the plants you put down will have some time to grow stronger before winter comes.

If you live in a warmer place, plants will grow throughout winter, which makes fall the ideal time to start planting. You will not have to worry about the plants dying due to under- or over watering. During this time, you will lay down the groundwork for the next year and give your soil a chance to rest for the season. Here are some ways you can maintain your front yard during the second spring that is fall.

1. Groom your yard.

Fall is the right time to groom your yard. The falling leaves will require raking. If they decompose, they can lead to different types of fungal and parasitic growths. This is also the time to trim bushes, trees, and hedges as there is less foliage to deal with. There are tree trimmers who can help with your trimming and lawn maintenance needs.

Getting rid of old or rotting branches is also a safety issue. The level of snowfall in Utah County can easily cause these branches to snap and injure people or vehicles. Use the leaves you rake up to turn into compost for the next step. As part of grooming, get rid of unwanted weeds from your lawn. Use a good-quality herbicide and spray or distribute it carefully to only target weeds.

2. Fertilize.

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Fertilizing your lawn is important, and the break that fall provides is the perfect time to get some much-needed fertilizing done. Fertilizing during this time will keep your lawn green for much longer into winter. Use a nitrogen fertilizer for your grass, and mix it with insoluble fertilizer so that it releases well into spring. If you make compost, this is the right time to lay down a layer of compost on your flower or vegetable beds.

3. Plan your next year’s harvest.

You can start planning next year’s harvest if you have a vegetable patch in your front yard or backyard. It is time to plant bulbous flowers into the ground as these bloom in spring. You will get a head start on spring bloom by already having roots in the ground. You can plan what you will plant for spring, such as onion and garlic. You can also seed the vegetable patch, and cover the seeds for germination so that they can grow when the weather gets warmer.

Fall is the time to get the housework done in your lawn. Take the time to protect your plants from the tough season that is coming up ahead. You will be rewarded with a beautiful and bountiful garden come spring.

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