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Having Furry Family Members? Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Pets like cats and dogs are furry members of the family. Having these animals around your house proves beneficial for your physical and mental health. They can keep you company, ease loneliness, reduce stress, offer emotional support, keep you physically active, and make you happy.

Let’s take, for instance, the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has led to a surge in pet purchases and adoptions. Many individuals and families have thought about the value of pet ownership during this unprecedented time. National Geographic claimed that pets have helped their owners cope with the pandemic.

Know, however, that pet ownership comes with responsibilities. It’s not easy to bathe them, feed them, and even play with them. As much as they take care of your overall health and well-being, take good care of your pets as well. To begin with, make your house as pet-friendly as possible.

That said, here’s how to set up a pet-friendly home:

1. Set up a pet shelter

When it comes to pet ownership, it’s best to have an exclusive shelter for your furry family members. You don’t want your cats or dogs to loiter around your house. While you allow them to do so, you should have a designated space for them. Start by setting up a shelter for your pets, indoor or outdoor. Also, make sure it’s the ideal space for them, where they can sleep, rest, eat, and poop. Lastly, keep the shelter always clean and safe for your pets.

2. Have ample space for pets and install blockades

As a pet owner, you should know the importance of having enough space at home. So before taking the plunge into pet ownership, make sure to declutter your house. To do so, have proper storage, remove unnecessary items, and have ample space for your pets. That way, your furry family members can easily and quickly walk and run around your house. However, there are certain areas your pets must not enter. Hence, be sure to install some blockades.

3. Install a paw-safe flooring

Another aspect of your house you should pay attention to is your flooring, as far as pet ownership is concerned. Why? It’s easy for your dogs and cats to use their paws to scratch your floors. They can cause significant damages if you have the wrong flooring materials. That said, avoid materials such as carpets, rugs, and wood. Be wary of laminate and vinyl flooring as well. But you have nothing to worry about if you have tiled floors.

4. Use paw-protected and dark-colored furnishing

Aside from your flooring, consider your furnishings or upholstery as well. Yes, pay particular attention not only to your furniture. Factor in the fittings and other detachable accessories at home. Why? Your furry family members can ruin and stain them. That said, opt for paw-protected furnishing so they won’t quickly be subject to wear and tear. Also, choose upholstery with dark colors as your pets won’t easily stain them. Ultimately, having a proper house item selection can make a world of difference.

5. Keep fragile and precious items

Another vital consideration to make is displaying items and decors at home. Pets like dogs and cats can be reckless, as they can run from one place to another. As such, they can destroy several belongings at home. First, keep your fragile and precious possessions. Second, opt for items that won’t easily and quickly break. Lastly, put them in places where your pets won’t reach them.

6. Install closed electrical wiring

Did you know that pets love to gnaw electrical wires? If you leave your pets unattended, they can get electrocuted. This incident can even escalate into a fire outbreak. Better yet, avoid having open electrical wiring at home. Make sure to keep the wires closed and secured. One way to do so is to invest in cable protectors so that your pets do not chew on wires. Ultimately, safety will always be a top priority.

7. Consider outdoor petscaping

As a dog owner, you love the idea of bringing your pets to a dog boot camp for training. If you notice, the camp’s outdoor space usually creates an ideal environment for different pets. As such, you can get inspiration from this for your outdoor petscaping. As the name suggests, petscaping involves landscaping your outdoor space conducive to your furry family members. Apart from your house itself, you can make your backyard as pet-friendly as possible.

At this point, you now know what it takes to create a pet-friendly home. Consider the valuable recommendations above, from setting up a pet shelter to having outdoor petscaping. As a responsible pet owner, you must foster your pets’ health and safety. With a pet-friendly home, your furry members of the family will always be safe, healthy, and comfortable!

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