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Pull Off a Country Wedding with These Tips

Country weddings have this certain magic to it that you would want to get wed outdoors. It could be the beauty of nature that creates a serene and romantic mood for your wedding. Or it could be the carefree aspect that country weddings tend to offer. But whatever that magic is, you just can’t deny the charm of country weddings. If you’re planning to exchange your vows country wedding style, here are some tips to stay true with the theme.

Choose the right venue & decoration

A country wedding wouldn’t be one without a country setting. There are plenty of country wedding venues in Minnesota to choose from, but a barn or a farmhouse would be ideal. To make the place charming, accentuate rural backdrops with wood elements. Use raw wood tables and benches to create the mood. Also, pot plants along the sides of the aisle for a garden-style wedding. One advantage of a country wedding is that you don’t have to stress over decorating the venue. The key is to let the surroundings act as décor.

Dress comfortably

Country weddings are known for their casual vibe. If dressing light is your style, you can get away from the conventional wedding dresses in a country wedding. This means you can say your “I Dos” in a sundress while your future husband can wear casual shirts and jeans. It’s comfortable, and you don’t have to spend lavishly to look presentable on your special day. Also, your guests can get away with casual attires as well.

Customized invitations & programs

Make sure your invitation goes along with your theme. One way is to embroider your invitation to a country sampler. It’s one way to highlight the beauty of the rural parts of the country. For your wedding reception program and script, you can have it printed on hand fans. Since your wedding is likely to be held outdoors, the fans would be handy to keep your guests cool. It can also be used to swat away pesky bugs, as well as a souvenir of your special day. Clever, right?

Provide entertainment country-style

Country weddings are perfect for lively music. Get your guests dancing with a country band or live bluegrass all night long. But if you really want to provide true country entertainment, you can rent a mechanical bull. That’s one wild wedding for you and your guests. Good thing you’re wearing casual dresses.

Go with handmade favors

wedding gift for guests

Wanting to give handmade favors? Country weddings are the perfect event to do this. Handmade favors best match the casual theme, so wrap those homemade cookies and give them out at the end of your special day. But if you don’t have time to bake or you just simply can’t, don’t worry. You can always tap your local bakery for their specialty sweets. Or better yet, let your state’s fresh local produce to shine. Send out baskets of tomatoes, potatoes, or melons, which grows well in Minnesota.

With the tips above, you should be able to pull off your dream country wedding. Now, book that barn or farmhouse, shop for a casual dress, and prep your invites to your loved ones. But most importantly, whatever your choice of wedding theme is, enjoy your special day.

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