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Self-care: Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful Post-pandemic

Skincare became an effective coping mechanism against the pandemic. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, online sales increased by 42% during the first half of 2020. A lot of people’s usual skincare habits were directly affected by the global pandemic.

With more time on their hands, people sought to expand their routines. Others chose to try out and include more products into their collection. Being able to take care of your skin can be an avenue of solace. It provides you with a calming routine amidst all the uncertainties.

Looking Good

Skincare has been proven to have lots of wellness benefits. This is a must, especially with everything happening in the world. Despite the development of a vaccine, many people are still unsure how the post-pandemic era will take shape.

During these trying times, you need something to keep you sane. Focusing on your skincare accomplishes that task while making you look good in the process. Nothing screams strong, beautiful, calm, and collected like a good matcha mud mask. As this year continues to unfold, here are some upcoming trends to keep an eye on.

Exposed to Too Much Blue

Lockdowns and sheltering-in-place for extensive periods have been the defining factors of the global pandemic. These measures also forced many of us to transition our daily operations online. As a result, people got way more screen time than they would’ve liked.

Sitting in front of a tech screen for too long also poses a lot of disadvantages on your skin. These screens emit high energy visible (HEV) light, more commonly known as blue light, with photoaging effects. Similar to the sun’s UV rays, HEV can also cause skin damage like hyperpigmentation.

While research on the long-lasting effects of blue light is still ongoing, dermatologists have found new ways to combat this threat. Consider adding serums with Niacinamide into your long list of products. This particular formula has become essential in the time of working-from-home and video calls.

Just Above the Cheeks

Speaking of video calls, people are spending more time on videoconferencing applications, which also leads them to pore over the upper half of their faces. The wearing of protective face masks can also be a factor contributing to this increasing fixation.

The cheeks and the eyes become more noticeable during these instances. People are starting to pour more focus on their skincare routines that address these areas of concern. An increase in demand for products that will reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes will surely come soon.

Incorporating hyaluronic acid serums into your daily routine will help to mitigate these concerns. More than that, this serum is also a good agent against the recent phenomenon known as “maskne.” It will help to retain your skin’s water content, especially when wearing masks for longer periods.

Started with a Touch

Hand care has also boomed due to the global pandemic. Handwashing became extremely important as a means to reduce the spread of the virus. Alternatively, hand sanitizers rose in popularity. Various brands competed against one another in hopes of coming out on top.

Regardless, adding a hand sanitizer or two into your arsenal will definitely be worth it. There are a lot of creative options out there. For the most part, consider the ones with formulas that will fight the germs and bacteria without drying your hands out.

There are other alternatives to help restore your hands when they become dry and over-sanitized. Hand soaps, hand creams, and hand masks have all experienced a surge in demand as well. Hands are often overlooked, which is why including them in your skincare routine should be a priority.

Sustainability Wins

Aside from the global pandemic, 2020 was also defined by the call for action against the climate crisis. Environmentally-friendly package design was an important factor for brands and consumers alike. This prompted a drastic change within the industry.

One of the most notable changes was the transition to refillable skincare containers for a wide variety of products. This is expected to continue into the year to promote more sustainability. Simply asking for refills of your favorite skincare products will soon become the new norm.

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Feeling Great

Don’t let the global pandemic stray you away from taking care of your skin. Skincare has always been essential and therapeutic. This fact has only been exacerbated in light of the current circumstances. You must find an avenue of comfort despite the chaos.

The promise of a vaccine has eliminated most of the stress and anxiety that the pandemic brought. As we begin the slow road towards recovery, so should you. We’ll soon say goodbye to one of the worst years in recent history, and you’ll definitely look good while doing so.

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