Space And Intimacy: a Relationship’s Never-ending Balancing Act

Love is a beautiful thing, and we always turn to our romantic partners when our heart is aching and in need of comfort, but it’s also a humanistic aspect and emotion that carries many nuances unique to every relationship. One couple’s definition of a love language can vastly differ from another, and while others might see that as a difficult thing to traverse, it’s what makes love spontaneous and blissfully fleeting.

However, one major issue that has been brought to many couples’ attention throughout this global pandemic is the matter of space and intimacy and how too much closeness often creates distance between lovers despite the physical proximity. In worst-case scenarios, it even has the infamous power of making both parties fall out of love with each other, making it increasingly important that we understand the power dynamics here at play.

Love And Support Comes In Different Forms

All forms of media, from your favorite love songs to the cheekiest romcoms available on tape, would have you believe that love is a story of bittersweetness that finds a fairytale ending. However, love and support come in many forms, and giving your partner space and time to themselves is but one of the many unique ways you can show someone just how much you care for them.

  • A Personal Life Doesn’t Disappear: One big red flag in relationships is when partners fuse their personal lives with their significant other, unnecessarily losing their personal identity and attaching themselves to whatever their lover decides to pursue. In a healthy relationship, your personal life shouldn’t disappear, and it’s this line that we set draw because there are some things we do by ourselves. So, take inspiration for your fitness journey and follow your hobby because your romantic partner should not define you.
  • Emotional Burnout Happens: Emotions may seem like a normal part of life, but there will come a time when the emotions felt are too hard on the mind and soul that people end up feeling exhausted. In the case of relationships, when you’re constantly outputting 110% of what you can give, then it’s only natural to feel lethargic and disdain because the balance was lost. And it’s when we give each other space to recuperate that we begin to rebuild and reconnect once more.
  • Focus On Self-Improvement: Lovers support each other and have the ability to bring out each other’s potential, but our personal growth and self-improvement shouldn’t be shackled to partners as well. It’s only natural that a person wants to feel the satisfaction of striving and overcoming their challenges through their efforts, and not as if it had depended on others. When this happens, a person often feels like their wings are being clipped.

However, You Should Know Your Partner Best


Likewise, not all worst-case scenarios come to fruition, and it’s also only you who knows your partner best and can discern between the need for comfort and the need for distance. Failure to address this difference will only worsen the situation and making your significant other feeling uncared for, meaning that a balance between intimacy and space must be accomplished.

  • Overwhelming Stress And Misunderstanding: Covid-19 has exacerbated the amount of stress we feel day after day, and while your partner may appear to be doing okay, deep inside, they could really be hurting and are but one push away from falling apart. Nobody wants to deal with misunderstandings on a daily basis, but no one also wants to admit that they can’t keep things together. So, reach out your hand and lend them your shoulder to lean because no one can truly tell what’s bothering someone until they speak up.
  • Insecurities Catching Up To Them: Apart from the initial cabin fever that had us constantly anxious about staying inside, too much introspection has made certain insecurities resurface, and new trauma now haunts us. The pandemic has created an unhealthy environment wherein we constantly second-guess ourselves and are never sure of following through with one thing to the next. And if you have reason to believe this is the case, we suggest that you open up about your vulnerabilities to encourage your partner to do the same.

Communicate, Compromise, And Make Things Work

In conclusion, it all boils down to proper communication, finding a compromise, and making things work. And if giving our significant other the time and space to be with themselves and recollect their thoughts is the bare minimum, then we should do our part as well. Remember, it will all be worth it when the time comes for the both of you to walk down the aisle in the most beautiful bridal gown and suit to make things official.

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