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8 Great Topics to Talk About During Your First Date

First dates are nerve-wracking, but you can make them less awkward by discussing something that both of you enjoy.

It would definitely help a great deal if the person you’re seeing already shares your interests. That’s what matchmaking companies can help you with.

However, just to make sure you can avoid the occasional sighs, dead air, and eerie silence, consider these amazing conversation starters:

1.  A Story from Your Childhood

Everyone loves to discuss their childhood, and it’s a good way for your date to get an inside look at the type of person you are.

You can talk about a special toy, a book you read, or something your parents always did with you.  Think back to simpler times and come up with a fun discussion point for the first date.

Just be careful, though. Other people may find this a touchy subject. Avoid offending someone by avoiding potentially sensitive subjects like bullying or toxic family members.

2. Anything on the Internet

The Internet is such a staple in the modern world that almost every person can point to an excessive amount of time spent browsing.

Whether your date gushes about how much they enjoy watching YouTube videos or complains about their bad obsession with Reddit, it’s sure to be a hit. It’s hard not to bond over the online sphere and its infinite quirks.

3. The Goings-On at Their School or Workplace

If you want to make your date feel important, ask them about their school or work environment. If they’re attending college, ask what courses they’re taking and why they decided on that major.

If you’re talking with someone who works for a company, find out the general atmosphere of the workplace and what goals are in store for future expansion.

These kinds of discussions show interest in your date’s life, and they’ll certainly appreciate it. They’ll also feel more connected to you after sharing these unique experiences.

4. What They Do for Fun

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People love talking about the things they enjoy, so ask your date what their favorite pastimes are! You can even try introducing them to something new that they might like.

For example, if you love watching movies and your date seems like a film fanatic, see if you can rent one for an impromptu movie night. It’s the perfect way to make a good first impression.

5. Plans for the Future

Get chatty with your date by asking about their future goals. Do they have a dream job? What are their aspirations for after high school or college?

You can also suggest that the two of you might meet up again in the future. Make sure your date knows that you’re interested in keeping in touch and potentially seeing them again sometime soon.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to think too far ahead. Not everyone feels comfortable discussing potential long-term relationships (after all, this is just the first date).

6. Random Questions

If you don’t know what to say, try asking your date some random questions. You can get inspiration from this list or come up with your own.

It doesn’t matter what the question is. Just make sure it’s not hard-hitting (like their salary). And whatever you do, avoid politics and religion at all costs.

These light-hearted questions show that you’re comfortable being a bit silly and just want a fun conversation. Your date will appreciate your easygoing demeanor and sense of humor, so ask away.

7. Compliments That Aren’t Too Offensive

You don’t have to suck up or offer empty flattery to win over your date. Just toss out a few genuine compliments that show you care.

Don’t go overboard and sound fake, though. Think of something your date is doing right now and build on it. Is your date ordering their drink in an unusual way? Say “I like how you’re making an effort to try something new!”

If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, ask what they ordered. You can compliment them on their taste in drinks and how it shows a sense of adventure.

This shouldn’t be a major part of the conversation, but a few kind words help a relationship grow. Don’t be stingy with your compliments!

8. Themes You Can Return To

Some topics naturally fit together. If your date is engaging with you on a certain theme, keep it going until they move on to something different.

For example, if your date loves talking about their pet dog, talk about animals in general for a bit before transitioning into asking more specific questions.

If you’re both passionate about sports, you can talk about the last game you went to together. And if your date is studying for their tests, encourage them by talking about how important education is.

Remember, this first date is just the beginning of your relationship. Whether it’s long-term or for one night, there are always new things to discuss as long as both of you are open to talking and listening to each other.

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