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Why Adopting a Dog Can Be Good for Your Family

A furry companion is a welcome addition to every family. Saving a furry friend from a shelter is even better. More than a million shelter cats and dogs are put down in the country every year. Adopting a furry friend instead of buying from pet stores can help save a life, and your new pet will forever thank you for it.

However, adopting a dog from the shelter can seem scary and daunting. Some families may feel reluctant in taking in a shelter dog, especially if they have young children in the household.

Common Concerns About Shelter Dogs

Common fears involving shelter dogs include having diseases, being too old to be trained and that something’s wrong with the animal.

Some shelter dogs may get kennel cough. However, shelters diligently provide their shelter animals with the vaccines that they need to protect them from serious diseases. Shelters also ensure that their cats and dogs are free from fleas. Before they are put up for adoption, shelter animals are also spayed and neutered.

Another worry that families have with shelter dogs is that they’re old. One common misconception that most people have is that older dogs are difficult to train. Many believe that getting a puppy is more ideal. Puppies are easier to train since you are starting with a blank slate. However, adopting an adult dog from the shelter has its own benefits.

For one, you won’t have to deal with the teething stages of a puppy and having your furniture and slippers being chewed on. Older dogs are potty-trained, so you don’t have to clean up pee and poop off your carpet. If you want your new dog to be trained, be more obedient and be more social, you can enroll him or her in a boot camp for dogs.

One of the top concerns for families when it comes to adopting a shelter dog is that there is something wrong with the dog. Some common misconceptions include shelter dogs are strays or aggressive family dogs.

More often than not, shelter dogs are perfectly fine and healthy dogs that were given up by their human families for a variety of reasons. The reasons usually don’t have anything to do with the personality and behavior of the dog. It can be that they’re moving to a new state, they are having a baby, they can’t afford to take care of the dog, or they want a particular breed.

Another reason why families give up their dog is that it has grown up. Most of these families have taken these dogs in as cute and adorable puppies. Because of their inherent cuteness, these puppies didn’t know any boundaries or restrictions and grew up to be uncontrollable.

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Why You Should Consider Dog Adoption

You should check out the nearest shelter for many reasons. For instance, you’re saving more than one life. You’re not only saving the dog you’ve adopted. By adopting a shelter dog, you are freeing up space for a dog that also needs saving, giving another stray pet another chance.

When you get a pet from the shelter, they’re complete with vaccinations. Chances are, they’re also neutered and spayed, sparing you from these medical expenses. If the dog has existing medical problems, the shelter would have already started on its treatment.

These dogs know how it’s like to be homeless. Once you take them into your home, they will appreciate it. They will be fiercely loyal to you once they trust you. Since these dogs know the value of a good and loving home and family, they will also make good guard animals.

Before you can take a dog home, you can get to know him first from the shelter. If you have kids, you have the time to learn if the dog is good with children. If not, you still have the option of looking for another dog. Shelters would want you to get to know your future pet well so that you and the dog will have a happy and harmonious relationship. You will be given the time and the opportunity to know the personality and temperament of the dog before you decide on adoption. They would also want you to be matched well.

Things to Do After Adoption

Congratulations on deciding to take this rewarding decision. After choosing your new furry family member, it is time to prepare your home for its new addition. Think about how your new dog will fit in your home, routine, and family. Ready your supplies before you pick up your new dog from the shelter. Prepare a safe place for him where he can get cozy and comfortable.

Bringing home a shelter dog is an exciting time. But remember it comes with certain responsibilities as well. Your rescue will surely make your home lively and exciting, and no day will ever be boring with them.

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