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Why Millennials Are Having a Hard Time Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Most people live an unhealthy life. Many of us believe that a healthy lifestyle can be hard to adapt and maintain. This is due to all the responsibilities we need to tackle and all the issues we are required to face. Some simply don’t have the time and energy left to live such a demanding lifestyle. But many go on great lengths just to accommodate a healthy lifestyle.

Take millennials, for instance. They are known to be the wellness generation as 53% said they value health. But when it comes to their health and wellness, Generation Y is not into the traditional approach. They have a different preference are more likely to welcome alternative practices in keeping themselves healthy and in solving health problems. But even this health-conscious generation has their fair share of struggles trying to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Why Gen-Yers Are Having a Hard Time Living Healthy

Millennials may be lucky enough to grow up with technology. But they are also suffering from the devastating consequences of two major crises. The first one is the Great Recession that occurred in 2007-2009. The second one is the current pandemic, the COVID-19 crisis. Millennials are left looking for jobs to sustain their livelihoods and pay their debts on top of other responsibilities they need to face.

For some millennials, the financial struggle is real. Some are financially capable enough to invest in their desired home decor for their new homes and build their careers and businesses while keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Others are left struggling to find more jobs to pay their rent and be able to afford healthy food on their plate. Instead of getting enough rest, eating healthy, and taking care of their mental health, many millennials are left looking for jobs relentlessly and trying to pay their bills and debts.

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Another reason why millennials are unhealthy is due to them being dependent on technology. Many of them would rather do their shopping online than to run around stores to buy the things they need. According to statistics, 85% of millennials would rather telecommute full-time. Some would rather eat in restaurants, buy take-outs, or have their food delivered than cook healthy meals back home. These simple reasons lead to little-to-no exercise and sleep and unhealthy eating habits.

How Millennials Can Start Living a Healthier Life

Millennials can turn things around and start living a better life. For one, one can find ways to boost their physical activity. Walking or riding a bike to run errands and going out to buy your needs is a good way to start.

If you do work remotely, make sure to find time to exercise and stretch. When it comes to your food, make an effort to learn how to cook healthy meals. You will learn that you can save more by buying food items and cooking them in bulk than having to buy your meals each time.

Most millennials are financially stressed. To avoid this, it is best to educate yourself on how you can tackle financial issues. This can mean looking for a better job, make saving a priority, start investing early and be mindful of your spending habits.

Gen-Yers may be the generation who is most conscious about their health. But this does not necessarily mean they are already the healthiest generation in history. The good news is it is never too late for millennials (or any generation for that matter) to turn their lifestyle around.

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