Animal Magnetism: Ideas for Planning Your Themed Wedding Celebration

Now that you’re planning for your wedding, you might be wondering what your theme would be. After all, it seems fun to have one, and you can go with something that you and your soon-to-be spouse share. If both of you have a shared love for animals, then why not have an animal-themed celebration? Here are some ideas and suggestions that you can consider:

Customize Your Wedding Items

Who says that you can only use flowers and ribbons as part of your motif? There are ways of putting in animal designs on your wedding-related items. For example, you can ask the print shop to design your invitation according to that theme. You can also request a subtle animal pattern of your choice on your wedding dress. Even your white-gold wedding band can be customized. Not only will you reflect your love for your partner, but you can also show your appreciation for animals. Just make sure that you have enough money before you decide to do it.

Invite Your Pets

If you can find a venue for your reception that allows animals to enter, then you might want to include pets in the invitations. You and your relatives can take this chance to decorate their collars and other accessories for the occasion. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to get them groomed. Just make sure that you and your guests have a way of picking up after them while the event is ongoing. Also, never fail to thoroughly notify those with allergies of what you plan to do for the occasion.


Have Animal-friendly Food

Speaking of inviting pets to the occasion, another possible idea for your theme is serving pet-friendly food. Once you have a list of guests, you can already consider dietary restrictions for both the humans and the animals. Communicate these to the caterer so everyone will be able to eat and celebrate along with you. You can also suggest vegetarian choices if you feel that you’re bringing harm by serving meat. No one needs to suffer just because they can’t eat anything, and that includes you and the pets.

Donate to a Cause

It might not be enough for you to love the animals that you have in the neighborhood and the family. Maybe you want to help the ones who are in the wild. Since you’re going to receive gifts, you might want to request part of those to be turned into donations for an organization that helps animals in need. It doesn’t even have to be for a big group or campaign, as you can look for local conservation efforts and support them instead. At least what you give will be used for their activities.

Your marriage is all about love and care for each other. If you have room in your hearts to also include animals in the things that you love as well as invite them into your future family, a themed wedding after them can be a great idea. You can even use it as a way to spread awareness and compassion for them.

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