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Bad Behavior: 3 Toxic Habits You Might Pick Up When Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning can bring out the best and worst in you. The ‘best’ is you get to learn skills and bond with your partner while doing it. The ‘worst’ is you develop annoying habits, which could ruin the most romantic event in your life, even affect your marriage later. Watch out for these toxic routines you’re inadvertently picking up as you fight the stress of wedding planning.

Expecting perfection

A lot of women badly want things to be perfect on their wedding day. No one can blame them, really. With so many dreamy inspirations online from Pinterest and Instagram, their expectations about their own wedding get inflated, to the point of going unrealistic. The #blessed posts of newlywed friends don’t help either. They, in fact, further fan the perfectionist tendencies.

The thing is, what you see online is far from what happens in real life. In reality, those who get hitched deal with vendors backing out at the last minute or in-laws grumbling about the food. Social media just doesn’t show these. As early as now, even as you iron out details and hope that they go smoothly, expect to have some slip-ups in the ceremony. Otherwise, you’ll be an unhappy Bridezilla. Later on in the marriage, your husband might just get fed up with your unrealistic expectation to be surprised to a date every Friday night.

Forgetting to compromise

In a lot of details, you’ll find yourself disagreeing with your soon-to-be-spouse. They want a documentary type of photography because they’re camera-shy, but you, on the other hand, want a dramatic and high-fashion style. In these instances, learn the art of compromise.

If what your fiance wants isn’t necessarily bad, then let it go. Yield to their preference. It’s not worth fighting over small wedding details. It puts a dent in your relationship, not to mention adds wrinkles on your forehead. Treat this as training for what your married life will be. Compromise as much as you can. Otherwise, it’s a guarantee that you’re going to have a lot more fights down the road. If you’re already set on the style of wedding photography, in Detroit, you can find a professional who can bring your vision to life.

Blowing up the budget

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How can you not give in to the urge of going a little over budget in the dress or on the cake and flowers? As they say, you only get one big, romantic day, so why hold back? Here’s the truth: plunging into that deep pit of debt isn’t the best way to start a life-long relationship. Breaking the bank now (or ever) isn’t worth it. You’re only making yourself a step closer to divorce when you do that.

Even if it’s hard, try to still stick to your budget, especially at the major elements of the wedding, like food and venue. If you haven’t drafted a financial game plan yet, don’t go poring over Pinterest inspirations yet. Know which aspects you’ll be splurging and saving first. For example affordable wedding venues are the quickest win for you to stay on budget. Assign a percentage of the budget for each detail. Get quotes from at least three vendors, and from there, compare.

Again, planning the biggest day of your life can bring out the best and worst in you. Channel the former and set aside the latter. Don’t let these habits get into your system.

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