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Talk About Your Goals Instead of Your Past

The past is a sad and lonely place to live. You don’t know how much time you spend reliving things that cannot be changed anymore, but remember that you are losing time in the present when you do. Everyone is moving on, and you are left behind if you choose to be stuck.

Instead of always talking about your past, look to the future, and move forward.

Assess Your Current Situation

You’ve had it rough in the past, and you don’t want to forget. However, there’s a difference between remembering and being stuck. Your history should be a source of lessons, not limitations. The saddest thing is when you’re doing well in the present, but you don’t acknowledge it because you’re focusing on the worst situation.

Simple changes, such as spending time with your family and maybe even getting a newborn photographer in Utah to take pictures of your child, will be good places to start. These mean you are ready to move forward and you are hopeful for the future. Your family and friends will be happy seeing this initiative because they will understand that you’re trying to break free from the past.

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Make Plans

One way to tell that a person is stuck is when they don’t care about the future. This is not easy for you to realize because, in your mind, you’re just taking it one day at a time. While doing that, you have no long-term goals–nothing to live or improve for. You’re complacent, and this might be causing unhappiness in your family and yourself.

You don’t need to make plans that will drastically change your life, but you should start somewhere. For instance, get that worn couch replaced or start a basement remodeling project. There are several ways to improve your life; start with something easily achievable so that you will feel motivated by the success you get after completing it. Then, you can move on to more lofty changes that tell your family you’re committed to giving them a better life.

Celebrate Yourself

There’s a lot to be proud of, especially if you’re coming from a life of hardships. To avoid being stuck in that mindset, learn to put them to rest, and remind yourself how much you’ve achieved since then. You don’t need to wait for other people to congratulate you. Do it for yourself. You’re the person who knows of all the struggles you braved to be the person you are today. Others were just bystanders as you dealt with your feelings and powered through. Those days of you earning below minimum wage are over.  Say goodbye and close that chapter properly.

Especially if you have a family now, your priorities have changed, and your actions should reflect that. Look to the past one last time, thank yourself for persevering, and tell your future self that you are ready for whatever life throws at you. Then, live actively.

Your past should not be an excuse for you not to achieve anything in the present. Use your history to fuel yourself to move forward.

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