Shopping Smartly While on Vacation Is the Key to Saving More Cash

Have you ever fallen to the magic of being in another country and shopping like there are no shopping malls back home? We’ve all been there before. Some items look good on display when we’re walking around a new town. But once we get home, the magic of seeing these new items wear off and we’re left wondering why we have ever purchased them in the first place.

When you arrive in Singapore, for instance, shopping at Changi Airport might be the first thing you have in mind because the selections are endless, amazing, and eye-catching. Before bringing out that extra dollars you still have in your wallet or your credit card, stop and think for a minute whether you need the item and if it’s worth its price.

Set Aside Time to Explore Local Shops

The reason many people regret their vacation purchases is that they were done impulsively. Instead of purchasing items that you see on the streets and you think would look good on that display case, why not set aside a time specifically to look for items that you would want to buy? Most people would never admit to themselves that they set out to buy souvenir items from places they visit. They think it’s tacky to want a reminder for their travels. But instinctively, they do it anyway, and the worst thing is that they do it without thinking.

Do your research when shopping in a new town or city. Always remember to shop at different local stores instead of going to the same stores that you have back home.

Make Friends

shopping in a foreign country

If you have a friend who has been in the same city you’re travelling to, what’s stopping you from asking that friend’s advice on where to get great coffee or where you can buy a locally made parka? If you don’t have friends who have travelled to that city, you can ask the local barista or the receptionist about cheap finds around the area. This also applies to food. You’ll save a lot of money by eating where the locals eat, and you’ll get to have an experience of a lifetime.

Allot Space in Your Suitcase

If you know you are going shopping in the place where you’re going, make sure to leave enough space in your suitcase. Don’t bring your whole wardrobe with you if you want to buy some new clothing in Paris or Milan. You don’t want to pay for extra baggage just because you have found that Louis Vuitton and Prada are cheaper in France. Or else, you’ll be paying the airline the difference between a Prada’s price back in the States and its price in Paris. In the end, you haven’t even saved a dime.

Find Something Small and Personal

You don’t have to buy something in a new place you visit just because it is your first time there. Don’t buy for the thrill of it. If you find something great, then sure, use that credit card. But if there’s nothing that has caught your eye, don’t force yourself to like an expensive jacket or scarf. Instead, you can buy something small and personal to remind you of this trip.

When travelling, allow yourself permission to buy something that will remind you of the city in the years ahead. You never know when you’ll be back to this place again. You might as well allow yourself to purchase an item that you’ll be able to connect with.

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