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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Solar Energy

The Internet is full of information about solar energy and its benefits to the conservation of the environment. But while there are scientific data and evidence on how solar energy positively affects the environment, there are also myths and misconceptions that continue to hound it. As nature reminds us of its power amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the best time as any to debunk these myths.

Solar Power Is Only Effective in Cities with Warm Climates

Durable solar panels in Utah and other cities are dependent on the amount of sunlight they receive. This is the main factor that enables solar panels to produce enough energy. It has nothing to do with the temperature in a city or state. Solar panels are actually more efficient in cooler temperatures. Germany, which isn’t known for its sunny skies, is the world leader in solar photovoltaic energy.

Solar Panels Are Expensive

Since 2009, the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly. Yes, it did use to be expensive. But today, solar power systems cost less than buying electricity from your state’s local utility. This is true for at least 42 states in the United States. There are also plenty of financing options. You don’t have to pay a large up-front fee. The federal government subsidizes part of the cost of a solar power system.

solar power

Solar Power Systems Require a Backup Generator

Homes with solar power systems are still connected to the electric grid. This allows your home to be powered fully. Any extra electricity generated by your solar power system will be fed back to the grid, which will turn your electric meter backward. This reduces the cost of your energy consumption. Your home still needs to be connected to the grid because the solar power system cannot harness energy on cloudy days or at night. The connection to the grid keeps the lights on in your house.

Solar Energy Doesn’t Let You Use Modern Appliances

You can use all the modern appliances you have in your house without a problem. Even with a solar power system, your house is still connected to the electric grid. Your solar power system can power up these appliances, too, no matter how big their energy consumption is. But the good thing about modern appliances is that they’re mostly energy friendly. They have better energy standards than about a decade ago.

Solar Power Systems Lower the Value of Your Property

This is far from the truth. Solar panels are considered upgrades. Homes with solar power systems sell well and for a better price. Many homebuyers actually pay a premium of about $15,000 more for homes with solar panels. They know that the presence of these solar panels will reduce their energy bill in the future. Even third-party-owned systems, especially prepaid leases, add value to a property.

You probably still have many questions about solar power systems. Don’t believe everything you read unless they came from reliable sources such as journals, news articles, magazines, and government studies. In conclusion, solar panels are exactly the kind of technology you need to help with sustainability and conservation efforts.

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