Heavy-duty Tools for Wood Cutting

Living like an outdoorsman requires a high degree of resourcefulness. You will be out there with nature, so do not expect to have the same creature comforts that you are getting from the city. You will need to know the resources that you can gather out there. If you have a cabin in the middle of the woods, most probably you already have a good supply of chopped wood. This is used for creating a fireplace, which can be used to cook your food and keep you warm at night.

The thing about cutting large trees is that they have large roots. This means that you really cannot cut them all the way to the ground. You would need a machine for stump grinding. There are specialty shops where you can buy various wood-cutting equipment. So if you need something to get you ready for the outdoor life, go pay them a visit and stock up on tools and supplies. Maybe you can also find some heavy-duty ones to fell some giant trees. These should give you a huge wood haul.


The chainsaw is an iconic instrument for horror movie aficionados, but it is an essential tool for regular lumberjacks. Large trees are tough to cut down even for some who have a good amount of physical strength. But if you have something that is engine-powered like a chainsaw, the strain on the body is greatly reduced.

The rotating chain blades do a good job of slicing through thick bark and hardwood. Just make sure that you always stock up on fuel so that your chopping session would not be interrupted when the tank goes empty.

Two-man Crosscut Saw

If you are wary about your safety when using a chainsaw, you can try something that is powered by two people. The two-man crosscut saw is good enough to chop up some logs without the worry of any machinery going haywire or dropping on your foot. Just find a partner, and you can cut away.

You might see it in action in some cartoons you watched as a kid, but it works pretty much the same in real life. Two people hold handles at both ends, and then they rock back and forth in sync until the slicing is done. It is quite demanding on the upper body strength, but at least you get a good workout. This is not bad, as it will also yield you slabs of wood that you can use or stock up at your cabin.

Chopping Ax


For the most primal way to cut up a tree, you can try wielding a chopping ax. This is characterized by having a hefty handle and a sharp blade. Each strike comes with an extreme force that would shatter the wood’s surface, scattering many small bits around the place.

Make sure that you are properly protected as you may get some splinters if you come into contact with those. It might be a crude way to break some logs, but it gets the job done.

At first glance, trees could intimidate you with their size. These tools make it possible for anyone to take on these giants. Just remember to check with your local offices for rules and guidelines on cutting trees. They are still a valuable asset to the environment, so you need to make sure that you are not overdoing it.

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