Homemade Burgers: Satisfy Your Cravings in the Comfort of Your Home During Lockdown

If you’ve been craving your favorite burger but can’t go to your favorite burger joint in Singapore because of the pandemic, why not make one at home instead? Here are 10 burger recipes you can make right in your kitchen that will save you time and money — and keep you safe at home, too.

10 Homemade Burger Recipes That Will Surely Satisfy Your Burger Cravings

1. Bulgogi Burger with Pickled Cucumber

A fun way of making burgers is to add a little creativity to it. A bulgogi burger with pickled cucumber has to be one of the freshest approaches we’ve heard of as far as burger-making is concerned. Olive Magazine

2. Cheeseburger Tacos

Here’s another interestingly creative twist to the burger. This Mexican-inspired number brings together exotic Mexican flavors and American burger concept into a completely outstanding dish. Check Delish for one of the best cheeseburger taco recipes around.

3. The Perfect Cheeseburger

Okay. We know that the cheeseburger is already perfect as it is, but not all cheeseburgers are created equal. Munchies’ Youtube channel shows us how to make the ultimate perfect cheeseburger you’ll ever have.

4. New York Deli Burger

Steak mince, sauerkraut, cheddar cheese, pastrami, and bacon. Did we get your attention with those? Now picture all of those ingredients in one truly satisfying burger. You can already taste the burger just by reading this, right? Schweid and Sons. Now.

5. Raclette Burgers

Who doesn’t love a raclette? Now imagine taking a bite out of the cheesiest burger you’ve ever known? Sounds amazing, right? Well, Raclette Corner can help you turn it all into reality with the recipe on how to make the perfect raclette burgers in town.


6. The Full Works

For those who have big appetites and want everything on their burger, the Full Works Burger will surely satisfy your burger cravings. Olive Magazine shows us how to make this sky-high burger with everything on it but the kitchen sink.

7. Brazil Grilled Burger

Take all the wonderful flavors of Brazil and cram them all up into one thick juicy sandwich. Peri-peri sauce, chimichurri, bacon, cumin-spiced onions, and other different Brazilian flavors can be packed into this huge burger. Food.com has more on this delicious treat.

8. The Juicy Lucy

If you want to take your cheeseburger to the next level, try the Juicy Lucy. The meat is stuffed with cheddar cheese which makes for a heavenly experience with every bite. Imagine biting into a burger with melted cheese for a core?

Want instructions for this one? Go to Chowhound for the details.

9. Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger

And you thought the Juicy Lucy was the bomb? Wait until you’ve tried this lovely burger with patties stuffed with blue cheese and topped with bacon in between buns. Taste of Home offers the secrets to making this delectable treat.

10. Quick Korean Burgers

With kimchi paste easier to get ahold of nowadays, there’s no better time to fuse a classic Asian flavor with an all-time American favorite. Head on to Foodie with Family for this savory treat’s recipe.

With all these mouth-watering treats, we can’t wait to hit our kitchens and start cooking. That being said, later!

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