Find Your Fitness in the Mountains with a Short Hike

Inactivity is the bane of adulthood. If you decide to sit around all day on the weekend, there is a chance you could develop diabetes and coronary artery disease. However, if you lead a life of activity and exercise, such as play sports and going on trips, you can live a healthier life.


Some people book a vacation to combine outdoor activities and nature appreciation. Places like Bear Lake, Idaho offer vacation rentals where you can take a hike along a picturesque trail so you’ll enjoy the benefits of physical activity.


Head out into the sun


Camper by a lake enjoying the view

One of the most adventurous things you can do on a lake vacation is hiking. After water play and a brief respite, head out under the warm sun with a bag of fresh raspberries. You can finish the snack surrounded by trees and shrubs; the sound of birds and scurrying animals will remind you to enjoy the simple joys of nature. You’ll be carrying with you the mellow pace of the lake town and perhaps find an adventure or two.


Where to get started


Intrepid adventurers and amateur hikers alike will find many things to marvel along the nature trails of a place like Bear Valley. The alpine forests can be your target destination, but even if you don’t reach the top, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to commune with nature.


If you’ve been going to a gym, you can appreciate the change of surroundings. Working out facing a wall or glass panels is one thing, but working out your body while immersed in nature’s bounty is a different thing altogether.


The staff will give you a few ideas on which hikes are easy to manage and which ones can be quite challenging. Look at the maps and consider which parts of the valley you want to explore the most. 


Fitness on the mountainside


Cycling is a cardiovascular or aerobic activity. Changes in terrain will make your muscles work faster. Your heart is a muscle, and so it gets a better workout, too. You know that aerobic exercise does not strengthen muscles. But hiking will tone muscles such as that of the hip, thighs, and lower leg. 


Aside from improving muscle tone, walking increases bone density. If you can build bone density while walking and looking for wildflowers. Aside from the heart, the main beneficiary of hiking are the core muscles. As such, you can take the opportunity to gain core strength if you hike every day


Trudging along uneven terrain


Hiker going up a mountainSome hiking trails run smoothly along, while others curve ever so slightly. Others go up and incline only to level down again. Trekking poles may be necessary for tracks that are not that easy to manage—with stone-ridden surfaces that challenge the equilibrium.


If you want to see how agile and balanced you are on your feet, you can ask the guide at the visitor center for uneven terrain. Undoubtedly, the additional challenge would test your body, clear your mind, and change you as a person. 


Hiking offers a break from the modern world. If you are staying for some time in a place like Bear Lake, remember there is more for you than water adventures and swimming. Go outside and take a hike.

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