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How to Save Money on Your Landscape Remodel

Just as it is with any huge remodel, the costs of remodeling your garden could add up very quickly. But with smart decisions and design tricks, you can maximize your budget, and realize the exact feel and look of your dream landscape without having to go over budget. Below are some valuable tips to help you cut corners on your landscape remodel without needing to compromise your style and quality.

Take a Look at Things Already in Your Garden

Although it’s very tempting to just get rid of everything so you can start everything from scratch, you need to take everything in and then check which ones should go and which ones you can re-use. For instance, existing materials and plants, particularly those that are of high quality and durable could improve your design and save you money in the long run.

Opt for More Affordable, But Hardworking Materials

Hard surfaces like pavers, paths, and patios typically eat up a significant amount of budget during a landscape renovation since installation and new materials could be costly. If you want to keep everything within the budget, consider cheaper but durable materials for your hardscape. Consider a combination of pavers and gravel rocks rather than cut stone for the walkways and patio in your Utah home. The savings you can get for using these affordable materials can be significant, so you can use some of your budget for professional installation, which is very crucial regardless of whether you’re using expensive or more affordable hardscape materials.

Keep in Mind Potential Maintenance Costs When Designing Your Landscape

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Certain hardscaping materials need more care than others so you can ensure that they will look their best for longer. You need to think about things like this right now as you’re planning your remodel so you can design accordingly. Generally speaking, more expensive hardscaping materials like flagstone and cut stones for pathways and patios will need minimal upkeep, considering that they’re installed properly. Likewise, while natural wood is great and all, consider synthetic decking materials so you won’t need to reseal your deck.

In addition, keep in mind that plants need varying levels of TLC to make certain that they flourish. That being said, select plants that are known to be low-maintenance, and to save on your water costs, opt for native plants that grow easily with minimal care.

Rethink Your Landscape Remodel Wishlist

It is very easy to dream big and think up things you want to add in your landscape remodel wishlist, what with all those ideas you see online, but as you know by now, you have to pay close attention the potential costs. Focus instead on features you know you will use regularly. You can just add more features once you’ve saved up more money later on.

Whether you’re just looking to redo your backyard or are planning a major landscape overhaul, it is vital that you plan ahead in order to maximize your budget. So keep the tips above in mind to help you do just that.

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