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Ugly No Mow: Ways in Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn

Having a great lawn is just one of those things that most people aspire to have. After all, a beautiful front yard is very telling of the people living in a certain house. It could mean a lot of things – more importantly, that those people with beautiful lawns know how to take care of their home.

But of course, apart from leaving a great first impression on your neighbors, a well-kept lawn is also good for your own benefit. So what are some ways that could help you possibly achieve that kind of “beauty” and first impressions?

From the simple ways of cutting the grass shorter to watering your plants or grass with a sprinkler system – if they are broken, get a sprinkler replacement from Sandy, Utah suppliers because it is definitely worth it. Here are a few ways you could make your front lawn captivating (and maintain it!):

Make Sure to Cut Your Lawn Regularly

Remember you are aiming for a beautiful, captivating, well-kept lawn, and not a creepy old house in horror films, so avoid having grass that is too grown for people to walk to. Also, there are some benefits to cutting your lawn regularly. The grass would then grow thicker and bloom with a darker shade of green – which would make an amazing Instagram backdrop.

However, cutting the grass regularly requires the proper technique as well. It is better to wait a few weeks to let the grass grow a little bit more before cutting them all entirely in just one go. Switching your directions and trying different types of patterns when you choose to mow the lawn would prevent the grass from being compressed together and always stick to the same direction every time.

During the summer season, it is also highly advisable for you to keep your grass longer for it to be able to withstand the drought better.

Use Fertilizers to Provide Nutrients for the Grass

Cutting grass actually has some downsides to it. A lot of the nutrients from the grass are also being cut. So this means that you would need to provide them again as a substitute. It would also result in better growth of the grass.

To make up for the lost nutrients of the grass from all that cutting and mowing, you can fertilize your lawn every four or five weeks. It is advisable that fertilizing is done during the Spring season. Lawn fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are all very essential nutrients for healthier growth of the grass.

These types of fertilizers can be sold at your local garden retailers. The application of the fertilizers is also indicated on the packages so it would give you less trouble.

Do Not Forget to Water your Lawn

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As cliché as it sounds, it is actually very important – watering your lawn is a very important key-player for a beautiful lawn. This simple task is actually one of the tasks that would be very crucial to achieving a lush, green, and beautiful lawn.

The count on how many times a day that you should, however, is dependent on the temperature of the days or the seasons. If the grass visibly turns into a different color – like bluish-gray, for instance, then it is an indicator that it needs to be watered.

If your lawn has just been made, then watering it at least once a day would make a strong root foundation. It also doesn’t matter if you choose to water your lawn by hand, or through sprinklers, but you can always opt for the easier way and less tiring.

Proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping a lot of things the way they are – and one of them is having a beautiful lawn!

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