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Tiny Bedroom Tricks That Won’t Make You Feel Claustrophobic

If you have a small bedroom, you may think you only have limited choices when it comes to design. But, there are certain layouts you can adopt to make full use of the available space you have. While it may not necessarily increase the width of your sleeping area, some style strategies can help create the illusion of additional length to your room for that larger feel.

Smaller bedrooms may feel very limiting, but experts say it actually does a lot more in helping you get a better quality of sleep at night. When you have a smaller space, you’ll have fewer items you can put in your bedroom. And when you have fewer items, you’ll have less stimulating activities that may force you to stay up way past your bedtime.

If you have easy access to common bedroom pieces such as a television, a computer or even a small fridge, your sleeping patterns may be affected. Depending on the vibe you want your bedroom to have, you have to be careful when choosing fine furniture pieces for your Utah home and how you’ll arrange each item whether it’s on your floors or your walls.

Here are some ideas to fully maximize all the design potentials a small bedroom may have:

A neutral palette is a safe but non-boring choice

Going for a neutral palette for the base color of your interior design is the best choice if you don’t have a lot of space to work on. For a pulled-together look, all you need is a subdued, natural color, none of those bold, overpowering shades that may create unnecessary contrasts instead of touches of elegance.

Here’s a more specific suggestion: your bedsheets should be in any shade of white, while your linen and duvet should be in neutral tones with minimal prints. Complete that layered look by throwing in pillows that come on warm tones.

If you add colors that are too vibrant, your already small space will feel cluttered.

Your bed should be pushed up against the corner wall

Tiny debroom design

It’s common for many homeowners to simply put their huge beds right in the middle to copy the designs that are usually featured in magazines and home décor websites. But, these layouts are only applicable for bigger bedrooms.

If yours have narrow floor space, doing this will only make the bed take up more space than it should. So, tuck your bed against a corner wall so you’ll have more space for other important fine furniture pieces in your bedroom. This will also help you relax better.

Your closet doors should have mirrors

This design trick will create an illusion of a much bigger space when done right. A compact bedroom may have a more spacious vibe if you have mirrored closet doors for tat additional depth. These are stylish, multifunctional pieces that will undoubtedly add character to your bedroom.

What’s great about this is you won’t need extra floor space for the mirror stand. As long as it’s mounted on your closet doors, you’ll still get the exact same effect.

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