Physical Qualities Customers Look For in a Salon

Beauty salons are a haven for the high-maintenance individual or any person trying to have fun and relax by having a spa treatment or a good haircut. Customers who visit salons regularly expect great service, trustworthy and pleasing staff, and an amazing experience. Apart from these non-physical qualities they search for in a salon, the physical environment plays a huge role as well. From an appealing reception area to a regal-looking salon couch or bed, there are several physical traits that make customers attracted to a salon.

Here are three things that people look for in a salon’s interior:

Window Displays

Products that salons sell should always be visible to customers. Having a space dedicated solely for product display is an advantage because customers can see them as soon as they walk in. It may increase the chances of them buying one of the products, too.

Keeping the products well-stocked should always be a priority. Having scarce displays and limited stocks may put off customers, and lacking displays are visually unappealing.

Displaying related products side-by-side is also a great marketing tactic to tempt customers into buying not just one type of product, but everything that can come with it as well. Putting a shampoo beside its complementary conditioner and styling product could persuade them to buy a whole set, instead of opting for just one product.

Making a special display for a new or on-sale product may also get more attention. Having some high-quality products on sale regularly may entice customers to come back again and again and buy products on a regular basis.

Lastly, a tidy and well-organized window display will surely impress customers. Professional-looking displays are visually outstanding; therefore, customers will remember the salon as a good one.


Cleanliness says a lot about the salon staff’s professionalism. Floors that are free from any product residue will prevent customers from slipping and getting injured. Mirrors and stylist stations that are always kept tidy will make customers feel comfortable. Air that reeks of nail polish and other chemicals is unattractive, so making sure the salon ventilation keeps the air fresh and safe to breathe in is important.

Customers will also expect clean tools, so the staff must always keep them properly sanitized and safe for use. Customers are at risk of infection when the tools used on them contain germs, and this will put the liability on the salon.

Cleanliness is an excellent and professional service, and a salon’s dedication to a clean environment is beneficial for the business. Salons without any liability for damages caused by wet floors or unclean equipment makes them a reputable one.


You can make your salon’s decor different every season. You may also change your staff’s outfits, the drinks they serve, and the way they answer phone calls. Change makes customers feel like they’re getting a whole new experience, even if it’s still the same salon they visit frequently.

Furniture plays a huge role in setting a salon’s identity. Choosing the right ones will attract many customers, and with more customers, the revenue increases. The quality of furniture affects the staff’s work performance as well.

Faulty and worn-out furniture may annoy both customers and staff. If the customers had a bad experience because of uncomfortable chairs, they may not book an appointment with the salon again. Meanwhile, staff that has a difficult time navigating around their work area because of awkward furniture may affect their customer service quality.

Investing in high-quality furniture, such as soft and comfortable couches in the waiting area and non-faulty hydraulic styling station chairs, will improve the chances of multiple bookings. Backwashes should not have any leaks, and the reception desks and storage fixture should also be in good quality.

A beautiful appearance marks the identity of a salon in the industry, so having only the best furniture and equipment guarantees salon owners a reputable name and business. Beauty salons are, after all, proven to be recession-proof, so taking advantage of being able to stay in the market regardless of the economic state is essential.

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