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Why Romance is Failing Us amid This Global Pandemic

Love is a beautiful feeling; it encourages you to go above and beyond for that one special person, often defying all reason, and by some granted fate, you always manage to fall into each other’s arms by magic. It can also take many forms, from the cutest of puppy love in newfound couples to the most passionate and heart-racing love in couples where their fervor and intimacy are unmatched by another. It’s simply a captivating sight to behold.

However, much of love’s beauty has been sullied by the global pandemic, and while many people cling to love and can testify to its warmth as their saving grace, not many couples share the same fate and sentiment these past few months. In fact, many romantic partners have grown apart due to the pandemic, often resulting in break-ups or romantic disdain for one another. And so, to help address this emerging issue of romance, we’ll be learning how you can save your relationship.

Distance And Proximity, Why It’s A Double-Edged Sword

To put things into context, we need to understand why both the distance and proximity imposed by the global pandemic works as a double-edged sword. Yes, there’s no denying that close companionship heals mental unwellness, and you’d be absolutely right to think that being with your partner 24/7 would be a good thing. However, both being distant and being by their side all the time present equally destructive characteristics by nature.

  • Lack Of Physical Connection Withers The Heart: As for the obvious, while many couples would attest that long-distance relationships can work, we also need to acknowledge the fact that physical connection is but another aspect of love itself. For some people, they can manage going months or even years without holding their lover’s hand, but others don’t cope as well, and the distance withers their heart. In the case of the pandemic, those of the latter nature felt broken to be so far from their partner.
  • Overbearing Closesness Is Destructive: In terms of closeness, while being together should spark multiple opportunities for romance and passion, it numbs the excitement over a long period and makes the relationship feel stale. Our lives aren’t only centered around romance, and when we are with our romantic partners for every second that passes by, we lose track of the good things and start noticing the flaws. Sure, it may be the perfect chance for those who lacked time together, but overbearing closeness has become destructive for many others as well.

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Break The Cycle And Spark Some Change

However, it’s not impossible to overcome these challenges of love, and with a bit of effort and disrupting your monotonous new normal, sparking some change and transforming your relationship should be well within your grasp. Likewise, we understand that everybody’s love language is different, so feel free to change any of these proposed fixes as you see fit.

#1 Do Something Fun — Outside, Not Inside

Number one, an excellent way to spark some change and reinvigorate passion is by doing something fun outside and taking a break from all the stress of staying indoors. Sure, you could both be homebodies just chilling inside with some snacks and Netflix to keep you company, but it wouldn’t hurt to try something new again. You could bring out the Van Staal fishing gear to test your wrangling skills or maybe even go on a countryside road trip to tour different landmarks. Just remember to keep safe, and your love will be reborn anew in no time at all.

#2 Revive Physical Intimacy, Keep Each Other Excited

Number two, if you’re of the ensemble that has been distanced by the pandemic, then nothing can work better than a fancy dinner at home and reviving your physical intimacy for a passion-filled night together. We promise you that it won’t take much to reinvigorate the desire to hold each other in their arms; in fact, you might even feel the same level of passion as the first time you locked eyes and bodies in intimacy. No one can hold their sexual tension for that long, and you’ll be surprised at how powerful each other’s libido holds up!

#3 Open Your Heart With Deep Conversations

Number three, although it might sound like a given, perhaps even opening up your heart with deep conversations could very well be the one thing that’s been missing. Many couples and romantic partners have been so busy balancing their finances, keeping their mental health together, and all the while working their way through the stress that they haven’t gotten the chance to talk about each other. So, take the time to talk and let your emotions run free for just this once because you both deserve it.

Overall, we want to remind every couple out there that this global pandemic should never have a say in your love life. So, take the advice mentioned above to heart and take back the passion and intimacy that was stolen from the both of you.

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