Summer: The Season for Business

You can start a business at any time of the year. And depending on the type and nature of your business, your sales will tend to peak in different seasons. However, summer is a particularly ideal time to form a company, and here is why.

The weather

Does your mood and behaviour change with the weather? If it does, then you are definitely not alone. Experts agree that rainy days can make you feel down, as sunny days can raise your spirits. The UK weather is especially renowned, although not necessarily in a good way, and this often affects general behaviour.

Our nation is obsessed with weather. When the sun is out, we flock to the coasts or spend a lot of time basking outdoors to make the most out of the sunshine. For aspiring business owners, this can translate into the inspiration to take the plunge and venture to new horizons. As you make the most out of the weather in your spare time, you can make the most out of your career, as well. Seize the opportunity to have your moment in the sun and be your own boss by forming a company.

Selling fruit vegetables

Perhaps, the influx of people spending time outdoors also make for a great customer base. For instance, you can sell refreshments such as fresh fruit juice and smoothies. Just secure a steady supply of fruits, an ideal location, disposable containers and a commercial blender, and your juice bar is well on its way.

School is out

For parents who have a desire to start their own company, or generate extra income from a home business, one of the best times to do so would be when you are at home with your children. Summer means school is out. The constant stresses brought about by the school run, homework and extracurricular activities are not present during the summer holidays, so it is a great time for you to focus on other things.

Some of you might think that the kids will be a distraction whilst you flesh out business ideas, but do not forget that your children are a part of your business, one way or another.  For some entrepreneurs with children, starting a company was a means of building a better life for their kids, and the kids have even inspired others’ business ideas. As a company owner, your family will be a part of your business. And it would be great to make your children a part of the journey.

Blue sky thinking

Summer is often a period of reflection. Perhaps it is the longer days or being outdoors quite often, but the additional activity allows people to think deeply and gain a few insights. This is conducive to thinking outside the box and coming up with original ideas, particularly for business.

Summer road trip with friends

The holidays and trips we take during summer make the season especially favourable for new ideas. Having the time to rest, relax and unwind can change the way you think. And the notion that travel broadens the mind is true. When you are in a different environment, it is easy to realise how big ideas are easier to achieve than most people may think.

As long as you have the drive and the entrepreneurial spirit, you can form your own company in any season. But timing matters a lot in business and the warmth of summer embraces new beginnings.

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