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The Best Wedding Themes for Every Season in 2021

A new year means the start of new beginnings. Last year was a wild ride. Plenty of you were probably convinced by the pandemic to finally pop the big question to your significant others. It’s always difficult situations that make you realize if you want to stay with your partner forever.

And if you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve finally made your mind to get hitched. Congratulations and good for you! If you’re planning to get married sometime this year but haven’t picked a theme, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered for every season this year. Here are some of the best wedding themes for summer, fall, winter, and spring:


Most people think fall and spring are the most popular wedding seasons. But statistics say otherwise. Summer is actually the most popular wedding season for Americans. If you’re planning on getting married during summer, try out some of these themes:

  • Beach Wedding

Barefoot, hair loose, and flowy dresses. If you’re the type to let loose and love having fun in the sun, a beach wedding is definitely for you. The great thing about beach weddings is that you don’t have to do much for decor since the scenery brings everything together. Just think about the seating, flowers, and location. Make sure to choose a nice spot at the beach where not too many people are around.

  • Boho Chic Wedding

People often consider beach weddings as boho chic, but boho chic weddings don’t always have to be done at the beach. Bohemian weddings are all about natural themes and hippie fashion. You have plenty of locations to choose from. You could do a boho-chic wedding at the beach, at a garden, a field, a barn, or even a hotel.

  • Sunflower Wedding

Sunflowers bloom in the summer, making them a great floral option for your wedding. Make sunflowers and sunflower colors your main theme. Make sure to keep them in large vases as sunflowers can be very tall.

  • Nautical Yacht Wedding

Another way to incorporate the ocean into your wedding day, without doing a beach wedding, is by doing a nautical themed yacht wedding instead. Use nautical themed colors such as shades of blue and bronze or gold.

Fallrustic wedding

Fall is an amazing season to get married in. Aside from the beautiful fall colors, the weather is amazing. It’s not too cold and not too warm either. If you plan on doing a fall wedding, take advantage of the fall colors.

  • Rustic Barn Wedding

rustic barn wedding venue is great for fall weddings. Natural colors that come from the barn’s wooden walls blend well with fall colors. Rustic weddings are also about vintage decor, string lights, burlap, mason jars, and birch. You could also incorporate dried flowers instead of living ones, which also save you some money.

  • Burgundy Wedding

If you aren’t a fan of rustic weddings, do a traditional wedding and take advantage of fall colors by doing a burgundy themed wedding. Burgundy goes well with cream, brown, and green.

  • Copper Wedding

Copper also blends well with fall. Imagine having all copper utensils, decorations, and light fixtures. Your wedding will look rustic but luxurious at the same time.

  • 20s Vintage Wedding

Although vintage weddings can be done at any season, a vintage 20s themed wedding would look gorgeous during the fall, with all the florals, metallics, and vintage decor. It would blend well with the season. If you aren’t sure how the 20s look like, imagine Great Gatsby.


Winter weddings are rare. But if done well, your wedding can turn into a beautiful winter wonderland instead of a cold nightmare.

  • Holiday Wedding

If your wedding is to be held in December, why not use festive accessories for your wedding. Instead of floral centerpieces, why not use wreaths and candles instead. You could even serve hot chocolate at your reception.

  • Black and Bronze Wedding

Instead of going for muted gray and white colors, why not go for a bold color combination such as black and bronze. Not only will it make your wedding look sophisticated and elegant. The bronze color will help bring warmth to your winter wedding.

  • All White Wedding

You can never go wrong with a classic all-white wedding. Except, unless you really go all white. Just because we say all white doesn’t mean you should make everything white. You risk making your wedding look flat. Create contrast with plenty of greenery and natural wood. And instead of using white light, go for mood light instead or make use of candlelight.


Spring, like fall, is a great season to get married because it’s not too cold nor warm. And it’s easy to think of ideas during the spring.

  • Garden Wedding

A garden wedding during spring is a great idea because all the flowers will be in bloom. But this will all depend on the venue you choose. You can do it at a vineyard or a cottage. If you can’t find the right venue, you can do a garden wedding, even in your backyard. You can always make up for it with your decorations. Just make sure to make flowers the highlight of your theme. Pastel colors are also great for spring.

2020 might not have been our year, but you can still make 2021 a memorable one. Wedding planning will make a year feel like months. So make the most of your wedding and make it the wedding of your dreams.

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