The Story Behind Cake Reveals And Why It’s Losing Popularity

Gender reveals are becoming a trend these days that almost every parent is now jumping into the bandwagon. Even actresses like Shay Mitchel did her version of gender reveal which involves the Power Rangers. But there are a few people who are pushing the trend to the next level.

Gender reveal parties are supposed to be fun. East Coast Radio says that it’s often filled with balloons or cakes filled with either blue or pink. But there’s a gender reveal event in Australia that went wrong when a man had to get help so someone can get him out of a burning car.

Events like this can be problematic, especially if you try to push it to the extreme. But years before the trend, gender reveals used to be quite straightforward.

The story of cake-reveals and how it’s losing popularity

Star Tribune says that gender-reveal cake first gained traction in 2009. It was the time when reality TV stars started the trend of cutting open cakes that were dyed inside. But a decade after they become viral, a lot of bakeries and cupcake shops began popping up, which somehow diluted its popularity.

Another factor that took a blow on the gender-reveal cake is people’s attitude towards gender. People’s outlook on gender roles is becoming outdated. Parents no longer want to reveal genders through cakes designed with guns or glitters or any other social constructs that used to define gender roles.

People are also becoming creative with their gender reveals. They no longer want to slice cakes to show the gender of their incoming baby. They want to maximize the fun by thinking of outlandish ways to announce their baby’s gender. But there are times when people get carried away with it that it’s already putting them in danger. But how can you plan a gender-reveal part that’s completely safe and yet unique?

Planning a gender reveal party from scratch


Shay Mitchell’s idea of gender reveal is excellent. But you can also make one on your own even with a little budget.

One way to do it is with a balloon pop. You can easily buy some birthday balloons online and fill it with confetti appropriate to the baby’s gender. Not only is it fun, but it also makes some great pictures worthy of social media posts.

You can also ask your friends and family to cast their votes. You can poll your closest friends and family during the reveal party and see which one would win. Then, announce the results at the end of the party to make it even more adorable.

Another great idea is to ask your partner to dress up like a giant baby. Although there’s a considerable chance that he’ll steal your thunder, it’s one gender reveal that everybody will remember.

Gender reveals are a great way to let everyone know about your baby. You can always try to think of other creative ways to do it. Just ensure that you keep it safe to prevent any accidents during the party.

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