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Warming Up In Style: Ways to Keep Your House Warm and Elegant This Winter

If you’re reading this, then there’s a big chance you’ve already seen the many DIY and low-tech ways of keeping your house warm which includes using tin foil, double-glazing windows, using old blankets on the floor and so on. While effective, some of these tips may end up making the interior of your house less appealing that it normally is.

While it is important to prioritize the comfort and health of your family by keeping your house warm, there are ways to do so without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your home and could, in fact, even help spruce up the place. In doing so, you’ll have a warm, cozy, and elegant home that you won’t be ashamed to ask your friends and family to hang out in, or when hosting Thanksgiving dinner.


Hard floors, whether wood or concrete, get really cold during the winter. If you don’t have any radiant floor heating systems (or other underfloor heating) installed, invest in a carpet or dense (high knot count) rugs that are comfortable to step on barefoot while providing good insulation. Placing and/or piling area rugs around the house can give it a cozy feel, although it’s important to note that certain rugs can be a tripping hazard and should be secured. If you have seniors or kids around, it’s best to have carpeted floors installed instead as they’re far more secure.

Walls and Tapestries

Not all homes have well-insulated walls, so if your walls are cold to the touch, it can make heating your home more difficult as it absorbs the heat from your radiator or other heating systems. That said, you can try sprucing up and insulating your walls by hanging wall tapestries. Using wall tapestries is a quick and effective means of both decorating and insulating your walls. Try using denser and heavier materials or even a quilt for better insulation.

Window Warmth

Instead of boarding and layering your windows shut to keep out drafts, try using roman shades or thick and chic curtains to help trap the heat inside your home while providing some accent into the room. If you prefer going the DIY route, you can try making wool curtains that are very good at insulating and are quite cozy and fuzzy to look at.

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Keep Using That Oven

Using your oven helps in raising the ambient air temperature and keep your house nice and warm. Though not entirely “stylish”, per se, but baking and cooking in your home whenever you can do provide a certain cozy ambiance by filling your home with the scent of whichever dish you’re cooking. And you also can’t deny the aesthetic appeal of freshly-baked pie and pastries on the dining table or the living room — a treat to the eyes and the taste buds.

Fire It Up

There’s really no substitute to a fireplace when it comes to providing both warmth and style. Having a fireplace with a French mantel (or whichever design fits your home’s aesthetic) can pull the entire room towards it, making it a cozy and almost fairy-tail-like place for you to hang out in and stay warm. Just make sure that you avoid placing any flammable materials and décor on your French fireplace mantel to avoid any house fires. Adding a fireplace glass or gate can also help keep pets and children away and safe from the fire.


There are indeed a lot of ways for you to keep your home warm this winter, but if you can do so while making it feel and look cozy and elegant, then it’s surely worth a try.

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