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Manscaping: What To Expect During Your First Waxing

Manscaping is a concept of body grooming for men. It’s when you groom any part of your body other than your face, such as your chest, shoulders, back, legs, and even your bikini line. Waxing is one way to remove unwanted hair. Unlike shaving, which is popular among men, this method rips strands of hair from the root and the results usually last longer.

Waxing procedures, like the Brazilian style, is not a common option to many men, especially for removing hair down south. But when done right, it can deliver better results.

What Does Brazilian Wax Do to Body Hair?

Brazilian wax is a procedure in which an aesthetician applies hot wax on a specific area. The wax attaches itself to any surface it’s touching when it cools. Then the aesthetician will quickly peels the wax from your skin, bringing the roots that hold the hair in place.

Although the wax will be peeled off quickly, it will leave an impact on sensitive areas. Shorter, stubborn hair may need low-and-slow pulls, which may prolong the pain.

When it’s your first time to try this method of hair removal, you’ll need to set your expectations.

Getting Waxed for the First Time

Brazilian wax isn’t without some discomfort, but so is any type of hair removal process. So expect some stinging sensation during the procedure. And don’t just walk in, expecting you’ll breeze right through if your pain tolerance is high. Some people pop an ibuprofen to ease the sensation. Others call in to their salon to ask what preparations could minimize the discomfort; the salon may suggest you stop shaving because the wax won’t grip easily.

Upon arriving at the waxing salon, expect the following:

  • Prepare the skin

Your aesthetician will assist you to get to the right position, and then prepare the area you want to wax. Aestheticians use an anti-bacterial solution that keeps dangerous germs from entering open wounds after the procedure.

  • Hair measurement

Close up waxing in by a beautician in a spa center

The aesthetician will measure the length of your hair to make sure it suitable for waxing. In case you want to leave some hair, you may tell your aesthetician how much. Explain how you want that part to look after the waxing, so your aesthetician knows how to work on your body hair.

  • Wax application

This is the uncomfortable part. Your aesthetician will apply a thin layer of hot wax using a wooden stick, covering all the hair you want to remove. The wax will set into in a few seconds, and next thing you know, hair is being ripped and you may (or may not) wince and yell.

Your aesthetician will either apply wax that hardens after application and will pull it directly off the skin or press a piece of paper-like material on the wax as the hair-removal vessel, depending on where you go. Your aesthetician will make things less uncomfortable and apply a cooling gel to reduce the pain.

Post-waxing care

You can return to your manly activities after the procedure, but expect the waxed surface to be sensitive. Avoid doing things that may hurt them for a day or two. Wear loose clothing while your skin is recovering from the waxing.

Although waxing may hurt a little at first, the result will last for four to six weeks. Expect the succeeding waxes to feel less uncomfortable if you do it regularly. Eventually, you’ll probably just grunt through it.

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