Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior in New Luxury Home with Fireplace, Couches, Chairs, and Television

When a Fireplace Can’t be a Focal Point

A timeless living room usually involves a fireplace as the central piece – the focal point that ties everything else inside the room. But, there are cases when having one just isn’t possible. Maybe it’s because of the climate in your area, your home’s size or the non-traditional look your overall space has.

As fireplaces are the immediate choice when it comes to a living room focal point, the lack of one may present some design challenges. But, even if you don’t have a fireplace, other areas in your room can give just as much if not more personality to your living space.

Here are some of your best options.

Large Windows and Beautiful Outdoor Views

A focal point doesn’t always have to be something that’s found indoors. If you have breathtaking views of your garden or landscape, turn it as the focal point. Do this by enlisting the help of window companies here in Salt Lake City for the right-sized windows in your living room.

During daylight, keep your curtains open so you can enjoy the views through your windows. This will bring a touch of nature into your home. And it’ll also be an interesting area that would immediately draw the attention of your guests as soon as they walk into your living room.

It won’t matter how many furniture pieces and decors you have. The view outdoors will always be the “star” of your living space.

A Huge TV

Homeowners who have fireplaces often find it challenging to find the perfect spot for their TVs. Not only is it dangerous to mount the TV on top of the fireplace, as what may usually do, unfortunately, but these two could actually clash in terms of design as both are huge pieces.

So, if you don’t have a fireplace, take this as an opportunity to turn your TV into your living room’s focal point. That’s one less decorating problem for you. It’s a simple choice, but it can definitely work to make your space still look interesting.

If you want something a bit more interesting than a TV, consider a glass door bookcase. You can neatly display all your favorite books on some stylized shelves without having to worry about regular dusting.

A Bold Statement Furniture

Modern fireplace

While fireplaces are a nice addition to any home, it usually requires remodeling after a few years. This added to a lot of maintenance work to make sure it stays in great condition. So, if you’re not into the extra responsibility, go for large-scale pieces of furniture that can be the perfect function and style addition to your home.

Unlike fireplaces, you can easily move around furniture pieces if you want to give your living room a makeover or an upgrade. By simply rearranging these pieces, you can change the vibe inside this area in your home.

Finally, if you don’t have enough floor space, maximize your walls. Put a considerable message or inspiration board on your wall to add some interesting vertical presence.

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