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Three Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Planning To Throw An Engagement Party

The purpose of an engagement party is to let everyone know that you are planning to tie the knot. But there are times when the entire event can be full of mishaps and surprises that it’s almost impossible not to get disheartened by everything. But what do you do to ensure that everything’s foolproof?

If this is your first time to throw an engagement party, it’s understandable that you may get confused about everything that’s going on. So, to help you stay on top of things, here are a few questions that can help you understand the basics of engagement party etiquette guide.

Who should throw the engagement party?

Back then, the bride’s parents are the ones who throw engagement parties for the couples. But anyone can head the engagement party nowadays. Anyone close to the bride and groom can plan the engagement for the couple. There also isn’t any specific time to do the engagement party either. But ideally, you should do it within the first few months of your engagement. Doing so will give you enough time to fix any unplanned problems that can come in your way.

How many should I invite?

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Everyone that you’re planning to invite to your wedding should also get an invitation to your engagement party. Otherwise, they might start to wonder what they did at the engagement party that may have caused you to cancel their wedding invite on your special day. That said, there is still a chance for you to host a small wedding even if you want to throw an opulent engagement party. All you need to do is to let your guests know that the wedding will be small, so you won’t hurt any of their feelings.

Do I need to send any formal invitation to the guests?

Thinking of whether to send formal invitations to your guests depends on the type of engagement party that you’ll be hosting. If you’re hosting a low-key engagement party, then you can skip the invitations and ask them privately to attend the party instead. But if you’re planning to host a formal engagement party, then it’s best to design a more formal invitation for the event. You can look for ideas online or work with an online stationery company. If you’re feeling affluent, you can also include wine gifts in the UK together with the wedding invitation.

Can I have more than one engagement party?

If any of your loved ones are planning an informal party, then it’ll be rude not to attend it. Since you’re not the one who’s hosting the event, then you can have any of your work friends at the party even if they won’t make it to the wedding guest list. It applies to those who don’t live near their parents. This is especially true if you only have an extended social circle to celebrate the party.

These are only a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you plan your engagement party. If you still find it challenging to plan, then you can ask any of your closest friends to help you out with it.

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