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Three Tweaks to Turn Your Bedroom into a Posh Hotel Room

Hotel rooms always have this relaxing, soothing atmosphere. Just a day of staying in is enough to make you feel refreshed. Unfortunately, you can’t always pack up and enjoy a staycation when you want to.

There are work commitments to keep and busy kids to fetch from soccer practice. Plus, it’s no secret that getting some R & R in a posh 5-star is wallet draining.

But the truth is that you don’t need to leave your home and pay a lot to experience staycation vibes. That’s because you can “bring” the hotel room in your own bedroom. These design tweaks can help you do just that.

Redecorate your bed

The hallmark characteristic of hotel rooms is the luxurious bed. Now, you don’t have to get a king- or queen-size mattress to make yours look expensive. It’s not about the size, but the look that it gives off. At this, the key is in the bedding.

Lay down crisp, clean sheets. If possible, go for white. Add a cushy down comforter and a feather mattress topper. If you can also throw in a few fluffy pillows, better. Use a bright-colored cover to give the design a pop of color.

If you’re in for a total makeover for your bed, thought, then by all means, go for a king- or queen-size mattress. This will add to the posh hotel room vibes, for sure. Check out mattress stores in Salt Lake City, and you might find the perfect one for your room.

Layer your lighting.

If you take a hard look at hotel rooms, they get that sophisticated aura because of the play of different lights. Recreate that in your own space. Start with natural light.

In hotels, you usually have floor-to-ceiling windows, which drench the entire area with sunlight, illuminating everything. If you have a big window in your own room, keep the draperies or any window treatment near it light to let the light in.

As for the artificial lights, make sure to have the holy trio: ambient, accent, and task lighting. For ambient, go for some good old chandeliers. For task, you should have floor lamps near the bed and light strips in cabinets. For accent, you can use light bars.

Before installing them, identify corners of the room worth emphasizing. This may include plants and art pieces. These should be highlighted.

Place a multi-sectional sofa

Modern bedroom with flashing table lamps

Another trademark of hotel rooms is the posh leather sofas. Even the reception areas have these pieces of furnishings. Replicate them on your own space.

Note that there are lots of different designs for sectionals. There’s the L-shaped furniture, which can work in the middle of one section of the room or against a wall. There’s also the curved one, usually used as an accent furniture, since its shape is unconventional. If you want to have an eye candy in one corner, this is a good option.

There’s no need to spend bucks and drive long miles to experience hotel staycation. You can have it right in your own bedroom. You only have to tweak your interior design.

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