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When to Ditch the Engagement Ring

First of all, congratulations on getting engaged to the love of your life! We get how excited you are, and that you love looking at your engagement ring all of the time. However, no matter how pretty it is and how big the stone is, there are just times wherein you would have to avoid wearing your engagement ring, as you can easily lose or tarnish it if you do.

Below, we will discuss when you should not wear your custom vintage rings so you can avoid damaging or losing it.

At the Gym

You sweat a lot when you exercise and got to the gym, and if your ring is a little bit loose, then you might want to take it off since it might slip off unnoticed when you are exercising. Also, your sweat can be acidic, which can tarnish and ruin your ring in the long run.

This is especially important if you are lifting heavy weights or using metal equipment such as bicycle bars or monkey bars, as the constant rubbing of the ring on these metals and materials can definitely damage or ruin it in no time.

In Your Garden

If you are into gardening and you do it a lot, then you might want to get a dish or a jewelry box to leave your ring in while doing this. First, you’d never want your precious ring to be covered in dirt and sand, would you?

Second, if you are digging with a shovel or any type of gardening equipment, then chances are your ring will rub with these metals and materials. This can easily damage your ring or worse, you can even lose it in the process. Also, you can encounter a rock when digging, and when your ring gets in contact with a ring, it can get tarnished, no matter how small or big the stone is.

In the Kitchen

Dishwashers are abrasive, and this can damage or even cause your ring to get discolored. Also, your ring will definitely get into contact with the dishes and the glasses that you are washing, and both the ring and the dishes can get damaged, especially if you knock them together a little often.

Always place a small dish where you can place your ring in before washing the dishes. Make sure to put it in a safe place and somewhere that you can easily remember, as you would not want to lose your ring in the process.

At the Beach or Pool

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This might be a given, but we are mentioning it anyway. You should always remove your ring before going to the pool or the beach. You would not want the sand on the beach to get all in between your finger and the ring, as this can be painful and annoying.

Also, exposing the ring to the saltwater and pool water for extended periods of time can cause discoloring and other types of damage. Your chances of losing the ring are huge, too, especially when you’re having way too much fun at the pool or the beach.

You should always take good care of your engagement ring, even after getting married for a long time. This is one of your prized possessions now, plus, it holds a lot of precious memories!

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